Where the Wild Things Are

The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind
and another
His mother called him “WILD THING!”
And Max said “I’LL EAT YOU UP!”
so he was sent to bed without eating anything.

-Maurice Sendak, ‘Where The Wild Things Are

I imagine that a lot of us are familiar with the book; I imagine some of us are even huge fans.  I’m one of those huge fans, I have to admit: just transcribing the above got me a little sniffly. When I heard about the Wild Things summer gacha I definitely wanted to have a look at it (and you should have a peek if you like wild animals, too! There’s some fun gachas there!)

Well, Uriah Eulenberg is also a fan of the book, apparently.



We’re all used to Balaclava!! (his store) producing intricately detailed funny little objects, like the wee robots that go ‘ping’, or the playset of construction equipment.  Here’s something he did for Wild Things as a gift.
A gift.
It is free.

It tells time (you can reset the clock to your own timezone; it’s SLT by default), and the little figures in the dome rotate around the fire, just like in the Wild Rumpus panel in Mr. Sendak’s book. Here’s a closer shot of them:

wild rumpus 2

And yes, it’s a gift. That means you can have it for free if you visit the Wild Things Summer Gacha event! And ONLY if you visit the Wild Things event: it won’t be available in his store, or anywhere else, afterwards.

If you’re curious what other cleverness Uriah’s got out at his store, you should click here to visit Balaclava!!.

Lapointe & Bastchild “Death Royale” Men’s Cargo Shorts – Dragon Demon

What can I say about Lapointe & Bastchild I haven’t said a million times before? Paul and Bastchild really do amazing clothes for men and women alike (though obviously, I don’t wear much of the womenswear).  Here’s a pair of shorts they did for Project Limited:

new shorts

They have four textures on them – two with dragon and demon faces on the front of the legs, and two tones of camo (grayscale and a more classic olive-green), which you can switch between with a HUD.  I chose the ones I liked and stuck with them for these pictures. Setting on this first picture is Elegant Environs’ lovely ‘Mya Cozy Cabana’ in Poppy: there’s more on Elegant Environs’ terrific Summer collection on the Homestuff blog, click through to read that entry!  You can also visit Elegant Environs to shop by clicking through on this link (which you will also find in the Homestuff blog if you like viewing previews first).

Here’s a more clothes-centric photo of the new shorts from Lapointe & Bastchild: I’m wearing a slightly older L&B T-shirt with them.

new shorts 2

As usual, Paul’s attention to detail in designing the hang of the garment and the wrinkles (or is that Bastchild’s? I’m really not entirely sure) just makes these work.

There were a hundred-and-twenty-some pairs of these still available when I left Project Limited this evening: you can find a pair of these shorts waiting for you by clicking right here to visit!  The L&B shop has the ‘S’wear’ logo over the entryway and isn’t too far from where you TP in.

Shirt: L&B Swear “Classic” T-Shirt – GE
Shorts: L&B “Death Royale” Men’s Cargo Shorts – Dragon Demon (limited edition)
Skin: Clef de Peau “Samuel T4″
Eyes: FATEwear “FATEeyes”
Hands: SLink “Male hands relaxed”
Hair: Exile “High and Dry” (from Hair Fair)

Hair Fair 2014 – Exile

So anyone who’s followed my blog for any length of time has probably noticed I complain regularly about there not being enough stuff for guys, or less often, not being enough good stuff for guys.

I’m kind of a hair addict, so when friends of mine had early access to the Hair Fair, I figured I’d ask them to keep an eye open for what was new for boys – toss me photos, whatnot. I figured I could man-shop Hair Fair – figure out where what I wanted was found, TP straight to it, buy it, TP out, all in you know, 3 minutes or so.

This was not to be.  But in a good way! Continue reading

mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

I’ve done hardly anything with the blog in the past month or two.  And very little with the Homestuff blog as well.  
There’s some great stuff coming via the ‘stuff groups: a gacha event in August, f’rinstance!  And I’m uhm… uh… there’s great… uhm… I’m here! 

Anyways, yes, I’ve been a slackard (portmanteau word, that: slack + bastard).  My apologies: I intend to be more active in the near future.  I hope you’re all having a great Second Life! 


I took a friend tonight to a fireworks display that my connection was going to object to photos of. He’d been to fireworks shows in SL before, and kinda went ‘OK, I’ll join you…’ 
Bit of how that played out: 
[20:21] Nath Pevensey (nathaniel.pevensey): Better than you saw last, I hope?
[20:25] [friend]: Haha. Yeah, quite a bit!
[20:26] Nath Pevensey (nathaniel.pevensey): heeh: that’s the thing I think a lot of people miss about SL: it’s better now than it was then.

See, we can get so enmeshed into what was the ‘how it works’ back when we logged in the first time, we can forget that what we’re logging in to is WAY MORE AWESOME. 

“All right, I admit it. This is pretty cool. It’s… amazing.”

-Astrid, How to Train Your Dragon

So hi there everybody!  I know I haven’t posted in a dog’s age, and my apologies for that. I’ve been kinda busy with RL.  I hope you’ve been having fun in SL, and please feel free to let me know all about it if you found something new and interesting!  Someone else did, and that’s why this post is happening. ;)


This is the Draco Jacket from VRSION, which is apparently new and available for a mere L$350.  As I’ve spent a few months lusting after a hoodie that looks a lot like this on Etsy, but which costs like $175, when Nigel Riel blogged about finding it available in SL, I had to go try out the demo… and then buy it.

So this is the first bit of fitted mesh I’ve tried on.  I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed.  What really impresses me (and I THINK you can make it out what with the arms-up pose I used in the photo) is the lack of what I’d been calling ‘Raggedy-Ann joints’.  Places where the rigged mesh that makes up the outfit kind of… pooches in around the underarm or the inside of the elbow when the joint is flexed.  Kind of like how the joints in a raggedy ann doll are just stiched lines across the arm, so the elbow does bend but when it bends it looks… unnatural?
Don’t get me wrong, rigged mesh is WAY WAY better than sculpties or system-layer clothes, but fitted mesh doesn’t do the, well, raggedy-ann joints.


The textures are rich as can be (and as you can see, materials-enabled!).  And the little details make it plain who the inspiration is for this charming hoodie.

I had a very amusing moment while trying it on, which I summed up elsewhere thusly:
‘oh huh, there’s one item in the folder, I should rezz it… wait, how do I unpack… it’s… there’s nothing in it? What, do I just wear it and pray?’ wear ‘huh. But is it gapping anywhere?’ minute inspection ‘IS IT GAPPING ANYWHERE??? I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY IS THIS WHY’ — I’m just too used to the multi-size thing that we got with rigged mesh.  I think I’ll eventually accept fitted not requiring that.

It flexes ‘right’, it bends ‘right’, you can wear the hood AND hair on your head!  I like it.
If you like this hoodie, you can get one too- there’s a male and a female version of it, either one for just L$350! Just visit VRSION by clicking over here where you are reading right now and which is linked to an SLURL.

Here’s hoping fitted mesh remains a joy to behold, and that is what’s fresh in SL today!
Oh, and the poses I chose here are from STAKEY, the ‘Paparazzi’ set: I wanted things where the arms were up and flexed so I could show off how the joints are NOT Raggedy-Ann joints. ;)

Random SL Photo discovery

Today I learned that the annoying stepped edge on shadows is all about an advanced setting.  

I went into the Phototools menu in Firestorm today, playing around with posing a photo, and got very cranky with the way the shadows were rendering. I mean, really, look at this: 


Uggggh.  All those… raster-y stepped edges, and the shadows not meeting the object casting them.  Why does it do this? WHY DOES SL HATE ME??? 

I went through the pop-up text on Firestorm’s Phototools ‘Lights and Shadows Settings’ menu bit by bit by bit, and found this on FOV Cutoff: 


This determines the FOV cutoff at which the viewer will switch between ortho instead of perspective projection.  If you are getting shadows that are ‘jaggedy’ try adjusting this setting for improvement.  Also adjusting the XYZ values for the debug setting RenderShadowSplitExponent can be VERY helpful.

I played a bit with FOV Cutoff there, then went into the Advanced menu for the debug settings.  I dug up the RenderShadowSplitExponent setting and found that my X was 3.0… my Z was 2.0… and my Y was 65.0?!?
Resetting the Y to 5.0, I found that suddenly my shadows looked like this: 


Well that was easy, wasn’t it? 

Figured that someone might find that helpful, so- enjoy!