What Fresh SL – why that name, anyway?

So many moons ago, when I was but a wee slip of a lad, I found the work of Dorothy Parker. She cracked me up hugely- just such a delightfully vicious wit to her. When I came to making an SL blog, I remembered a quote attributed to her (though apparently not actually something she said) in a biography. According to her biographer, she’d respond to the doorbell by saying ‘what fresh hell can this be?’, or would answer the telephone with ‘what fresh hell is this?’. From there, it was a short step to What Fresh SL as a blog title.

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning some basic skills on web design and graphics over the past year, so I figured it was time to trot out an actual logo. Or byline. Or a masthead. Anyway. A thing, what I graphicked.

WFSL header

Hopefully I’ll get plenty of use out of it- I had a lot of fun making it, at any rate!

Thrift Shop – Blissiere Scarves

I like keeping an eye on what turns up at The Thrift Shop. Every so often there’s something stunning that maybe I didn’t realize was for a male avatar, initially. So, here’s one that I am extremely pleased with.  These scarves are from Blissiere:  they come in two FOUR fat packs, with differing prints and colors on them.  Here’s the two fatpacks I had unopened: you can see the varying textures that are available here. These are intended to be unisex, so the creator didn’t do them as rigged mesh to allow you to resize them to fit your avatar (if you’re a kid, say…), or adjust how they’re sitting on your avatar (if you’re a guy). blissiere scarves - fatpacks Continue reading

A few photos from out and about.

So it’s been a bit since I updated, and while I’m nearly asleep, it occurs to me I’ve gotten some good photos so I should share them.


I went by the Xiasumi School Festival event and played the living heck out of 8f8’s gacha there- this is a photo of why.  You can play that machine – and pick up a lot of other goods – at the event; there’s more data about it over here at Eloquence.


There’s a whole new slew of goodies over at the ‘Stuff lounge from Menstuff and Womenstuff designers: as I blog the Homestuff, though, I focused on those. More previews to come shortly at the Homestuff blog (and yes, I’ll link): in the meantime, the stools and table are from Follow Us !!, and the ‘Coffeeology’ poster is from PBM Enterprises.

bosch 2

I did a couple of poses for the Kamera Klub/Soundproof’s ‘living painting’ of Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights'; none of my poses here.

Oh, and I made a logo for the pose shop.


So yeah, I’ve been a bit of a busy bee, but there’s been some fun to be had!

Spiderweb Ascot suit from Paradoxical!

Just in time for your Halloween needs, Paradoxical has a new design out: the Spiderweb Ascot suit. here’s a pic…

spiderweb torso

I just love it!  Fully mesh, and meticulously done textures really make it sing.

The suit’s available at the Halloween Hellraiser party that Paradox Messmer (yes, the designer for Paradoxical) is organizing; it’s a fundraiser event for the Mental Health America charity, which helps folks who have mental illness. So you’re not only getting a nice seasonal suit but you’re also helping out those in need.

The event is a a 2 day party with 10 DJs playing from 12pm noon-10pm SLT each day both Saturday (oct 18th) and Sunday (Oct 19th) and there will be exclusive Halloween-themed goodies from 16 great designers: Madrid Solo, Faster Pussycat, Vero Modero, Death Rocker Bettie Crocker, Goth1c0, Razor and more, with 50% of sales of these items going to the cause.
The event is going on at Terre des Mortes Saturday and Sunday, so you should stop by and see what tickles your fancy: with a suit like this available, I’m sure there’s going to be some other lovely stuff- and I KNOW the DJs will be great fun!

Here’s another shot of the suit in a less cool tone of light:

Spiderweb full

Hair: Exile ‘Machinehead blacks’
Suit: Paradoxical ‘Spiderweb Ascot suit’ in Medium
Eyes: FATEwear FATEeyes
Skin: ‘Samuel T4′ by Clef de Peau
Freckles by Lolli Hoxley (a dollarbie you can find on the Marketplace)

Uh-oh, It’s Firestorm Phototools Time…

So a couple of people have asked me to do something about how they’re not sure what to do with phototools and I seem pretty confident playing with them.
I’m going to walk you through the VERY basics in this blog post, and I would love love LOVE hearing from you about what you’d like me to delve deeper on.

This is a photo I took a while ago- back in February, the upload date tells me.
It bears note that I did not touch it with Photoshop: I’m including it as an example of the sorts of effects you can pull off with phototools if you take the time. Now that I’m getting a bit of a handle on using Photoshop, I feel like I could have done SO MUCH more with this, but imagine having this as your starting point in editing with Photoshop. It’d be handy to let the viewer do a lot of the work for you, right?

Let’s look at some of the Phototools settings available using Firestorm or Singularity viewers. I’m going to be working on a PC with Firestorm here: Singularity uses most of the same shortcuts, and has most of the same functionality. On a Mac you’ll wanna use the Apple key (if memory serves) instead of the Control key.
So here’s where we’re starting out: mid-range graphics settings, no bells and whistles. This is just me, sitting in a chair, hum de hum…

phototools 0_001

Nothing bad, but nothing very exciting, right? Let’s go deeper… Continue reading