So I had a banner day, as far as a content consumer on SL can have.

I had the stunning experience of being the first person who is not Bastchild or Paul having a photo added to the Lapointe and Bastchild Mainstore Flickr group.
The photo is here:
and what the fuck is this new janky interface with photos.
I’m frankly still amazed that there weren’t 999 million better produced photos for Bastchild or Paul to consider.

Multicultural Menu II: Distorted Dreams, Kaerri, Lark, Second Spaces

Hello all! I had hoped to get this update out earlier, and I am dreadfully sorry that here we are only about a week from the end of the Multicultural Menu event and I’m only now getting caught up.
HOWEVER! Don’t let my failings dissuade you from visiting. I’ve got photos from the other four designers who are part of the Pacific region at the Multicultural menu, and frankly- well, looking at them is making me hungry. Continue reading

We’re having a Luau! — The Multicultural Menu

Hi gang! I just got a gorgeous set of stuff that’s going to be out at The Multicultural Menu, last night, so I thought I should give you a look-see at what’s going to be there.

I’m one of their bloggers- the South Pacific ‘Food Critic’, that’s me!- and I think I’ve got a set that has almost everything you’d need for a party on the beach. Here’s me (in a Hawaiian shirt, no less!) with everything: we’ll look at the pieces more closely in a few moments.

kei tahitian-all

This is the ‘Kei’s Tahitian Feast’ set, from Kei-Spot, and as you can see- wow, a lot of stuff, huh? It’s a gacha: there’s 10 items in it, 2 rare and 1 ultrarare. The ultra-rare is the Tahitian Canoe Table that I’m sitting at- it’s got four poses built in and it also distributes food and drink to you when you sit at it. But let’s have a look at some of the other things, hmm?

kei tahitian-ricebeans

From left to right on the table’s seat, here’s the Beans and Rice, the Pineapple Shrimp, and the Drink Tray. The shrimp and the drinks are passed out on clicking- no plate of beans and rice but… I think we can live without that, don’t you? 🙂

kei tahitian-backend
And here’s the Fish Platter, the Turtle Fruit Salad, and a little bit of the Roasted Breadfruit. The fruit salad also passes out individual servings. I have say, these are some nice-looking items, aren’t they? I love that turtle salad bowl. But wait, there’s more…

kei tahitian-bar

Here’s the bar- because what’s a luau without fruity tropical drinks? It also gives out an individual-serving of beverage, as the table does. And then there’s the grill…

kei tahitian-grill

See what I mean about the textures? Those fish look downright edible! And the coals underneath are quite fetching as well… Kei should be really proud of this piece!

You can play this gacha at The Multicultural Menu for L$50 a pull. There’s also more info (including previews for other shops!) on the event over here on the blog. You can also visit the event starting June 1 inworld!
And before I leave you, here’s a teaser from one of the other shops: BluPrintz’s cute Onigiri! The pose holding it up to my mouth is included- I added the open mouth with Anypose. 🙂

rice cake

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite!

Runic Necklaces and Punk Rock Hair

None gave me bread, none brought a horn.
Then low to earth I looked.
I caught up the runes, roaring I took them,
And fainting, back I fell.

-Odin’s Rune Song, author unknown

So *paper moon* had a lovely necklace at We ❤ RP which is now in their store- the Runic Necklace.  I was going to finally get around to babbling about it and lo and behold, there was new hair from Exile.  Continue reading

Consignment at Fameshed (and a question about Russian copyright law that is not related to Consignment at all!)

So hey- get a load of these gorgeous leather recliners Consignment has out at Fameshed this round.

consign famesh chairs solo

They’re available in three colors: brown and black (as above) and also a lovely sort of gunmetal-blue.  As you can see above, the armrests fold up to show you where to set your drink, where the ice bucket is, and where to ash your cigarette… and the footrest comes up too, with a click on the handle (which you can see on the brown chair).

There’s about a dozen poses in the upright and in the reclined position (that makes about 2 dozen between them) for solos- the upright sits have a ‘couple’ option and the reclined ones have a ‘cuddle’ option, which I didn’t explore, as it was just me around the house tonight, sniffle, sniffle.

consign famesh seatblack

But that’s okay. The chairs kept me company.

I love the texturing on these! I was at low graphics when I unpacked them, and I must report that these are one of those well-done mesh objects that doesn’t turn into a jagged scribble of prim when you cam out, and which look almost this good down there at low rezz. but at high graphics, well…

consign famesh seated brown

I’ve rezzed them up in the ‘Classic Manor – White’ skybox by Rageworks from back around Christmas time- these chairs really had such a ‘proper’ look to them that I thought I’d try to emulate a furniture catalog with presenting them to you.

One more photo to share- a bit more close up. The shirt I’m wearing is by Zanzibar creationZ: Rors hasn’t put it out for sale, as she (and I) are trying to hammer out some copyright issues surrounding the fabric samples she used in texturing them… if you happen to know anything about the morass that is Russian-and-Soviet copyright law, please contact me!

consign famesh seatbrown closeup

These gorgeous chairs (and the lovely box they came in, which I put in the fireplace for this photoshoot) are all out at Fameshed right now.

D-Lab Piccoli 2 (at the Arcade)

So I only just now got around to opening these things up and I have to admit… i’m quite impressed.


I got four of them at this session of The Arcade. Each box (seen at right, witht he fellow in the white hat sitting on it) comes with 1 object (the stump I’m sitting on, the garden that’s being watered, the chocolate stand to the left of the box, or the pair of mushrooms to sit on), and one little Piccoli doll (which would be the small figures wandering around among these things).
And they do wander around! Here is the same scene just about 2 minutes later:


Yes, even the stool that you can sit on has a place on it for the little Piccoli to sit with you and enjoy a cup of something warm and delicious.

They also come with a texture hud so you can change the shirts and pants they’re wearing.

They’re L$100 the pull at the Arcade right now: click here to visit the machine.