Jack or Jill Hunt #2

The Jack or Jill hunt has returned! This hunt is a bit unlike others: while some hunts ask that the gifts either be unisex or include a gift for each gender, the ‘Jack or Jill’ Hunt has two separate paths of gifts, 50 for the gals, 50 for the guys.

The gifts this go around do not include hair (which I find disappointing, as a hair addict), but there is a lot of mesh.  A lot of good mesh, at that. The gifts are hidden in what the folks running the hunt (depravednation.com) call a ‘hockey puck’: on the flat surface of the hockey puck is a male or a female symbol, depending on which gender the gift is intended for.

Here’s a photo of some of the gifts, modeled by yours truly.  While the prim hair, the eyes, and the skin aren’t from the hunt, everything else is.

Styling notes:
the ‘Mesh Tailored Jacket’ and ‘stripe stole’ (i.e., scarf) are both from Gabriel. It bears note that the scarf comes with a color hud, so you can get it to EXACTLY the color you want it to be to go with your outfit.

The slacks are the ‘Ripped Work Jeans’ from Rispetto.

The hairbase is the ‘Tattooed Razor HAIRBASE’, which is the gift from VyC Designs.

Lastly, the shirt is the ‘Ispachi Mesh [Polo Neck Sweater’]’ from, shockingly enough, Ispachi.

If you like the look of these gifts, then you should do the hunt!  It ends February 28.  The hunt list and SLURLs for all the shops are here: http://depravednation.com/jack-or-jill-2-0


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