What Fresh SL Is This?

I’ve been playing around with photography in SL for several years, now: what can I say, it’s handy having a medium where your camera can swing around to any point you might like, and you can adjust your model’s pose however you desire.  The other day, I noticed that a lot of my recent Flickr posts have been about what I find appealing and new in SL: places I’ve discovered, new clothing or accessories.   At the same time, I noted that I especially enjoy new things in SL.  New content: new sims, new efforts at strange and unusual things.  Using SL to allow us to create things that we can’t create in the real world.  So eventually, I decided that I would give this blogging thing a go.  Updates are likely to be sporadic, but I hope to keep everyone amused, and perhaps to boost things that impress me with the care that went into their creation.

But what to call this blog?  I’ve come up with a name for a blog or two before, and I realized I wanted something that would give people a good chuckle, rather than something that’d make me seem like a pompous overbearing self-indulgent twatwaffle.  However, that doesn’t tell me what TO call it, only what I don’t want to evoke with what I DO call it.  What do I want to evoke, though?  Hmmmm…  I went flipping around through various books on the shelf in my library and I came across the perfect name.

I ran across a favorite paraphrase of one Dorothy Parker (who you may have heard of).  So it seems that whenever the doorbell to her apartment rang, she would say ‘What fresh hell can this be?’, according to biographers.  Just a slip of the tongue and we’re wondering about fresh SL, then.

I do hope to amuse you, to entertain you, and to help you find new and enjoyable things in a forum we may all have gotten entirely too hum-drum about.

Why won’t people take me seriously???

Welcome aboard!

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