An Actually Fun Thing I’ll Likely Do Again (with apologies to D. F. Wallace)

Today’s exploration of things that are new is really just things that are new to me.
I’ve been a participant in the Menstuff hunt since it was founded, and in the original Make Him Over hunt, as well.  One of the creators who’s been one of the most enthusiastic participants in the hunts has been Egoisme Fashion.  Their CEO, Ramses Meredith, seems to spend a lot of time working up outfits or single items that are terrifically well-styled, but which just don’t seem like ‘me’.  However, I decided to try out putting on an outfit of things that were entirely from the shop and seeing how they worked together: I have to say that I am MOST impressed with a whole outfit of Egoisme, and I obviously needed to change my pre-conceptions!

If you’re looking for a good casual outfit, Egoisme has some terrific jackets, jeans, T-shirts; if you’re looking for something flamboyant and flashy, they do some beautiful fur coats, and they also do clothing intended for role-playing, both modern and medieval, fantastic and science-fiction.  Additionally, they do skins, and eyes, and they’ve invited a few accessory designers to have shops on their sim, as well.  Egoisme has definitely made serious efforts to be a one-stop menswear shop.

I would recommend that you should definitely check out Egoisme if you’re in the mood to shop for a complete outfit.  Also, if you like to mix-and-match your clothing, I’m finding that any individual Egoisme clothing item or accessory works really terrifically with the other ones, even if they’ve come out several years apart!  I would definitely recommend Egoisme to anyone who likes piecing together an outfit to exactly suit his own taste.
You can visit Egoisme here.

Everything is from Egoisme except for the hair and the pose: the hair can be found at Zeus’ shop.
Pose: ‘Gabriel 8’ from Diesel Works
Skin: ‘SAMMV2 – Pale – Unbald – Normal’ (a hunt gift from some years ago)
Shape: I made it myself: sorry, it isn’t for sale!
Hair: ‘YH-01 5color Black’ from Zeus
Eyes: ‘Egoisme – Grey eyes 2’ (another hunt gift!)
Pants: ‘Ego Brown jeans’
Shirt: ‘Egoisme shirts – C’est La Vie’
Jacket: ‘EGO – Pea Coat – Black – M’
Shoes: ‘Egoisme Snake Bronze’

1: Ramses pointed out to me that he’s done a new version of the skin I’m wearing which I’m quite sure is an improvement on this one.  Though I am quite pleased with the older version!
2: Someone got another photo of Nath in the same outfit: please click here to go to Flickr!

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