Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Black Tuxedo (mesh design)

So Lapointe & Bastchild have been playing around with mesh lately.  A lot of us are cautious about the mesh we use, and with good reason!  I’m not a fan of mesh jeans with a non-Mesh top, or with a mesh top that doesn’t hang over.  The alpha prim almost always shows at the waist on me with a non-mesh shirt, making it look as if I have Mysteeerious Haaaaunted Paaaaants. Every piece of mesh that L&B have produced and I’ve tried, I’ve loved.  The jeans they’ve been doing come in SEVEN sizes, which reduces the odds of the Mysterious Haunted Pants happening, and the shapes they sculpt for pants are, uhm, nice and flattering to one’s backside.
When I heard that they were going to do tuxedoes, I was thrilled: I’ve always liked L&B’s formalwear for men, and I assumed that when they played with mesh I would also be thrilled.  So, sadly, nothing to report here… except that the suits are positively gorgeous, and come with a HUD so you can set several different textures on several different parts of them.

This suit’s brand-new – Paul and Bastchild just got it out last night.  The tux has several textures available: from a simple wool tuxedo to a glossy silk edge for the tuxedo’s lapels.  The stripe on the trousers has the same variety available. Here’s a pic:


As you may have noticed, there are more than one color for the tie and cummerbund and pocket square available; you can set these with the HUD as well, easy as point-and-click. Here’s the four basic looks that L&B have supplied: you can mix-and-match any of the two shirts and four accessory colors as you choose!


And as Bastchild’s forte is the patient attention to detail and texture involved in creating remarkable little jewels, flowers, and other sculpted accents for the clothing that she and Paul make, here’s a glance at some of the cufflinks she’s made to go with the suitImage

You can acquire this suit from the marketplace website, or from Lapointe & Bastchild’s inworld store.


Suit, accessories, and shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild (note: Shoes are sold separately)

Hair #1: LoQ “Malibu”
Hair #2: W&Y “Appollo”

Poses: ‘Dante’ and ‘Gabriel’, from Diesel Works.

UPDATE: I should have linked to Lapointe & Bastchild’s blog above!  Do have a peek.

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