Happy Belated Valentine’s Day (with gratuitous vanity)

While I’m not much of a fan of Valentine’s Day, more than a few of you likely are. As a result, I figured I would go about putting something together for the holiday which those of you who like beefcake can enjoy looking at. I gave some thought as to what sort of Cupid I would expect to see crop up in Second Life, and this is where I wound up.


Again: no post-processing occurred on this image: I’m currently trying out WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) as far as graphics goes in SL, as opposed to Photoshopping the picture within an inch of its life.  I am also currently trimming up some photographs I have from inworld to slip into the frames on the branch above and behind my head: all textures on the thing are modifiable, so why not slip in some photos I’ve taken?

And now for the shortest stylecard I’ll ever write:

Eyes: Random Eyes (No longer available in-world, I fear!)
Hair: Apollo, from W&Y
G-String: Prince Pearl Thong, from VITAMEN
Skin: Gabriel – Cream Shaved, from Ispachi
Wings & armbands: Part of Jen Fashion‘s ‘Fairy Bag’ Hunt gift from the Fantasy Hunt (going through Feb. 28)
Pose: Morgan, from Diesel Works
Building: “Studio Coast” Loft Build – Grunge Tan from [CIRCA]
Branch with frames: “Funky Valentine” Branch – Picture Wall Art – Blk&S from [CIRCA], a gift for the ‘For The Love Of’ Hunt
Flowers: Black Tulips, from Zoe’s Garden

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