Surprise Sunday! (unusual avatars)

So this may not be new to YOU, but it’s certainly new to me.  And I imagine that there’re some folks who haven’t seen this lady’s work before, too, so I bring you two avatars from Aley Resident.  These were brought to my attention by Nigel Riel, whose blog is named Trials of Eyeliner, and is very much worth visiting!

First, we have Robot Maria, from the classic 1927 film ‘Metropolis’.  So much of Metropolis informs everything we know of science fiction cinema it’s ridiculous.  Seriously: the conflicted villain of the piece is a mad scientist with a shock of white hair every-which-way, occasionally wearing goggles, and a rubber-gloved right hand as the result of a horrible accident.  There is a sort of 20’s steampunk feel to the film, too.  If you haven’t seen it, you really ought to: if you HAVE seen it, you should see it again, as a couple years back someone found a battered 16mm print that is THE WHOLE MOVIE, save for one very minor scene.  The scenes that were on the 16mm print are really beat up, but enough of the original vision to restore things to Lang’s intention.
Amazing film. And an amazing avatar, which Aley sells on the SL Marketplace.


A standing pic, so you can examine textures and shapes further:


Aley seems to like movies, which is something I certainly have no problem with!  Here’s another avatar from the same shop, modeled closely on Clarke-Nova from Naked Lunch:


‘Bill, I want you to rub some of this powder on my lips…’
It’s a nice creepy little avatar for all your creepy little avatar needs.


(n.b.: chair included for scale)

So yes, two free avatars from a shop I didn’t know about, which is chock-full of interesting steampunk and piratey goodness!  That’s AleyMart!

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