Only two shades of gray, not fifty.

And a bit of verdigris, too.
So yesterday night I discovered ‘FATEwear’, the shop of one Damien Fate.  I was looking around for a scarf prim of a particular shape and style, and wound up considering mesh alternatives… which wound up with me finding this at the shop in question on Marketplace.  It’s a nice mellow green in color, rather than the bright, highly-saturated greens one tends to find, which had me wondering what else Mr. Fate had out there.


Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

So I went to his shop in Second Life to see what other nice looking things he had and found myself promptly blown away by what I’d found.
Shopping had to ensue.  Immediately.

What FATEwear offers is a majestic variety of business suit / formalwear looks, all designed around the same jacket and trousers, in five different colors (black, red-brown, dark gray, light gray, and blue).  ‘Majestic variety’ as in, here are all the looks you can get out of one range of these suits (I picked the ‘London’ suit, as I already have far too much darker dresswear).Image

As you can see: there’re six different upper body looks: vest (Damien calls it a ‘waistcoat’, which is a little strange to an American ear) and buttoned blazer, waistcoat and open blazer, buttoned blazer, open blazer, blazer off, and lastly shirt untucked. Each item of the outfit comes in 5 sizes (XS to XL), so you can find a mesh that closely approximates your own form pretty easily.  The shirt and scarf in the first picture also come in that broad of a variety of sizes. you can wear black tie and belt, or gray tie and belt. Or gray and black, or black and gray.  However you like!

You might have missed that there are two different sets of trousers, though: one a bit wrinkly, and one more crisply pleated.  You probably also missed that the third, fifth and sixth photos are using an animator that comes with the suit.  The third has my left hand tucked in his pocket, and also comes with mesh jacket and pants which are built so as to reflect that my hand’s in my pocket- the jacket is hiked up just a touch, the pants a bit bulged. Photo five and six have the blazer section of the jacket hanging over one shoulder and down my back, and an animation that puts my hand up to hold the jacket over my shoulder.

Pretty gorgeous stuff, huh?  They do a lot of other things, too: mesh gloves with an assortment of hand positions, several different scarves, and some truly, truly gorgeous short trenchcoats:


If you see something you like, you owe it to yourself to get down to FATEwear and do some shopping!  There’s other things I haven’t covered: casual biker-styled jackets, urbanwear, polo shirts.  All of it’s gorgeously textured, and all of it is available at FATEwear.

Photo 1:
Scarf: Fatewear “Harry Scarf – Jungle (K)”
Shirt: Fatewear “Ronnie – Jungle”
Hair: W&Y “Apollo”

Photo 2:
Okay, ALL the suits are from Fatewear. that’s the ‘Edward Suit – London’ (London refers to the color).
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – “Terra v1.7”

Photo 3:
Trenchcoat and sweater: FATEwear “Derrick – Jacket with Sweater”
Scarf: FATEwear “Harry scarf – Jungle (DWS)”
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear “Terra v1.7”

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