Curio Obscura (the New and Unusual)

There are plenty of weird, odd, and amusing things out there in Second Life.  Some of them I got for free (like the salut chaotique and the onigokko), some of them I bought.  A lot of the really terrific ones I own came from a shop called Curio Obscura, whose creations always make me think of a line from Beetlejuice: ‘people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual.’

So I’ve gotten a lot of interesting stuff there over the years.  The Clockwork Moustache (which was free):

The Rococo Fantastico hairstyle, which every well-dressed drag queen needs (L$450):

And most recently to me, the Riderball (which is a L$75 gacha prize in the store):


The Riderball is one of the most amusing things I’ve encountered in SL in a good while.  Your avatar stands on top, and when you want to move forward your avatar slowly (or rapidly!) walks backwards, rolling the ball forwards.  You can turn and go backwards too, of course.
What makes it is Pandora Wrigglesworth’s attention to detail: she made sure that your avatar’s movements on the ball differ from your AO.  You sway from side to side, with arms darting this way and that to keep your balance.  You walk carefully along the contour of the ball, rather than walking on air above it.

Also, it’s just funny.  I giggle every time I walk around on the thing.

In case you haven’t found Curio Obscura yet, let me throw you a link to to the inworld store, so you can visit.
And that’s what’s new and amusing today!

I found some more fun whackiness from C.O., coming at the Gacha fair!

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