Two posts in one day!

So I did a little more exploring today, and got given something that I’ve been playing with here and there.  Something people have been doing recently (or that I’ve discovered recently) is the idea of using a tattoo layer to darken up a skin with a tan.  I love the idea, myself: it’s a nice way to buy one skin you like, and have several different tones available in it.

The ones I got today are from Black Label Menswear and are going up on their marketplace store later today, with an inworld release to follow soon after: the item is called ‘SkinTints – Skin Tone Enhancers’.  There are five different tones all in all, for the low low price of L$150 for ALL of them (!), but I’ve only photographed three of them – along with my own skin for comparison’s sake.


From left to right, this is: BLM’s SkinTints – Skin Tone Enhancer in ‘Dark Tan’, ‘Medium Tan’, ‘Light Tan’, as well as the colortones of Ispachi’s ‘ISPACHI Skin [ GABRIEL ] Creme ~ Bald/Shaved’, for comparison’s sake.

As you can see, a variety of tones exists, allowing you to go from beach-bronzed to lightly tan, all with a single L$150 purchase!  I also took photographs of me in a skin from Tellaq – the ‘Avenger Skin Style 1’ – both with and without the dark tan BLM tattoo layer, so you can compare the differences in how it affects the sharper details in that skin:


These certainly look like they’d be a handy investment for anyone who wants to mix it up a bit going to a more tan look!  You can find them, again, at Marketplace, in the Black Label Menswear shop. Have fun, beach bunnies!


Hair: W&Y ‘Apollo’

Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – creme’

swim trunks: Retroswim’s ‘(RS) Choco-Black Polka Trunk’

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