The Stars Are Out Tonight (at The Event: Hollywood!)

So I got to go to The Event – Hollywood early, as I am a lucky lucky son of a gun.  Here’s a few photos, and some David Bowie lyrics, as they seemed terribly appropriate.

Stars are never sleeping
Dead ones and the living



We live closer to the earth
Never to the heavens
The stars are never far away
Stars are out tonight!

They watch us from behind their shades
Brigitte, Jack and Kate and Brad


From behind their tinted window stretch
Gleaming like blackened sunshine

Waiting for the first move
Satyrs and their child wives
Waiting for the last move

contemplative ivy

Soaking up our primitive world

Their jealousy’s spilling down
The stars must stick together

We will never be rid of these stars
But I hope they live forever


And they know just what we do
That we toss and turn at night
They’re waiting to make their moves
But the stars are out tonight

Here they are upon the stairs
Sexless and unaroused


They are the stars, they’re dying for you
But I hope they live forever


They burn you with their radiant smiles
Trap you with their beautiful eyes
They’re broke and shamed or drunk or scared
But I hope they live forever…

The Event – Hollywood opens tomorrow evening SLT!  All the street photography is from the sim, while the indoor photos are of yours truly modelling the following:

Gabriel’s “::GB::Zebra Sunglasses(white)” (from the Gabriel SwagBag)
GlamDammit’s “Display Jacket and pants. (Partial Mesh)” (released specifically for the event!)
Gabriel’s “::GB::MESH Boots in Pants (Paisley)” (this includes the boots in those pictures)

All this gorgeous window-dressing and all these lovely clothes came from Hollywood: The Event, a fashion show and commemoration of the truly brightest stars in Second Life fashion, grand opening tomorrow!

No pictures, they’re just too shameful, and nobody needs the direct shaming.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I own several items of mesh clothing from several designers that I love, is it too much to ask of you folks who design mesh clothes that you all accept that a size SMALL shirt’s cuffs should probably wind up inside of a size EXTRA LARGE jacket’s cuffs?
Seriously? Is it such a weird expectation, if you’re all working with 5 sizes found by ‘polling a bunch of users’ (which hey, I don’t know of anyone who actually WAS polled though I know plenty of folks who should have been) and averaging things out as far as an avatar’s shape goes, that you’d all simply understand that hey, a size S shirt should fit inside of an XL trenchcoat?

AND YET.  No, it doesn’t, at all. If it were the full shirt instead of a dickie to show above the vest and a pair of cuffs, I suspect it’d fit even worse.  Seriously, guys. This is not rocket science. Even if it involves more processing power than was used to land man on the Moon, it’s not rocket science.

There are no pictures, because me grousing and bitching doesn’t need to be associated with any designer.  It’s not just one designer: it’s several. And I know you’re all doing your best: why bother doing something creative in Second Life with an eye to sales without doing it as greatly as you can??  But seriously, the cuffs of one designer’s XL trenchcoat should easily wrap around the cuffs of a shirt sized S, especially when it’s meant by the designer to fit under a jacket also sized S.  I am startled as heck that it doesn’t, honestly.

There’s a Light, Over at the Frankenstein Place

Last night, after I did the Game of Livingrooms post, I was chatting on the Homestuff channel in Second Life, as I’d come up with something I needed for the house and was having trouble finding it.
If you don’t know what Homestuff is, it’s a roughly-annual hunt that is moderated by a team of select individuals (and also me), where the point is about exposing the hunters to new and innovative home design.  I’ll let the more erudite members of the gang speak for themselves here, on their website.

I’ve been a fan since Ivy Maverick started the group, which is how I came to volunteer to mod: the crowd are nice folks, too, everyone’s extremely helpful and friendly.  There is a minimal fee to join (L$50), so as to cut down on spammers, but you can more than make that up with the gifts available in the Lounge (ask on the channel!).  As the Homestuff crew is a phenomenally smart group about what’s new and interesting in Second Life home furnishings, I figured this group of folks would be a terrific place to bounce around the tricky question of where to find the light fixture I wanted.
See, the skybox I’m living in nowadays is very early-20th-century, very Deco, and I wanted a light fixture that’d look of the period. What the hell, if I’m going to play with my dollhouse, I want it to look Just Right, dammit.
Don’t comment on the huge Easter Island statue in the corner, all right? If you don’t think that’s right, I don’t know what to say to you.
So anyway… I threw the question out to the Homestuff gang, figuring hey, they’re home-design fans, they’re going to know where I might find what I’m looking for.  And I got a few great suggestions (including one I’m likely going to have to go back for), then I got an IM from someone. One of [CIRCA]’s designers, to be specific.
Now, [CIRCA] make gorgeous stuff. For those who’ve been following along and wondered where I was when I took my interior photography, it was one of their builds: the “[CIRCA] – “Studio Coast” Loft Build – Grunge Tan” (and really, if you want a nice big open space with lots of room for fun with shadows and light, BUY THE LOFT BUILD NOW!).  The funky branch with the photo frames on it was a hunt gift, also from CIRCA, so yeah, I’ve shown you a couple of their items here… so when Cherelle Capra IM’ed me to say she had something she thought might suit the need, I was all ears, naturally!


May I have the pleasure of introducing you to the [CIRCA] – Venetian Chandelier – Radiant Gold.  This is part of an upcoming release (or may be part of it): I saw it finished also in a lovely aqua-tone palate, and while I didn’t see more than that, Cherelle gave me the impression she was planning on several different finishes.

It gives off a good bit of light:

Imageand is covered with gorgeous textures, as you’ve already seen.  Cherelle’s planning on doing several different color tones with them, and the price point she’s thinking about is somewhere in the $L300 range.  Not too pricey, considering what a beautiful piece of work it is!

I say ‘may be’ part of an upcoming release, as Cherelle thought she might not do it in this color for wider release.  This certainly should give you an idea of what IS coming in that release, though.  So keep your eyes open for the Venetian Chandelier from CIRCA…

Image…appearing here with other items from [CIRCA] Living: the six pieces of framed art on the left and the branch on the right are both hunt gifts from [CIRCA] Living.  If you are shopping for home decor, I can’t recommend them highly enough!! Click on their name to get an SLURL so you can visit!

A Game of Livingrooms

So RLwise, I live in a town that is very much a pedestrian’s city.  Owning a car was something I did when I was working 40 miles out of town, 5 days a week: I never used it otherwise save on rare occasions when I went for groceries.

As a result, I got used to walking past people’s houses in the early evening, that hour when these strangers have gotten home, shrugged the coat off, and may have just sat down to dinner, but they haven’t yet drawn the blinds or the curtains, and all the lights in the house are on.  I used to entertain myself by looking at what things people saw as worth having in their front room and then guessing who they were.  What is the story these objects are trying to tell me? Or as Neil Gaiman might’ve phrased it, ‘what are these somethings trying to tell you about someone?’

That one apartment had a collection of Japanese masks on the wall, for instance: maybe they were Japanese?  Maybe they’d spent a lot of time in Japan.  Maybe they had an uncle who was stationed in Okinawa through their childhood who died in a horrible tragic accident when they were very young, and so every memento he’d sent back to the family wound up in his loving niece/nephew’s home?
Or this apartment, where one wall was lined with book spines.  Obviously an avid reader: librarian professionally, perhaps?  Bookseller?

You get the general gist of the game, I think.  now, it’s your turn to play it… with a view of my livingroom in Second Life.  Yes, you can click on the photo to expand it, and there is a lot of detail in there. Image

I’d be curious to know what story you come up with, but you’re welcome to keep that to yourself if you’d rather!

Enjoy the novelty!

Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.



These prim eyes came from Avatar Bizarre, Sredni Eel’s shop which features a majestic array of over the top, exquisite, delicious absurdity, along with some very nicely put together work.
Oh and yes, the pupils on the eyes move around just like Hypnotoad’s do.  If you’re curious, Avatar Bizarre’s blog is over here.

Technically these aren’t new, but the ability to use them easily is new to me, as the advent of alphas for eyes with mesh eyeballs coming about means that they’re more readily worn.  I forget how much they cost, but I am 100% certain it was under L$100, and I strongly believe it was under L$50.
These are especially good for convincing people to do what you want, I find.

Hey, I got some shameless promotion here!

So I figured out what to do with that awesome orange-and-red-and-yellow image from the Forest of Scissors!


IM me in Second Life if you want a copy of the shirt- it’s yours free for the asking!
Hee, that was kind of fun.

Why yes, this is the first piece of clothing I’ve made in Second Life, too.  And yes, the name of the object will remind you whose blog it came from.  SUBTLE promotional material, people. I don’t need a shirt that says ‘LOL TWITTER.COM’, I’d rather a nice cozy scarf that happens to have come from  Wouldn’t you?  So, an intriguing image on a rather mediocre (I’ll own that myself) T-shirt.

New hair! New location! New skillset!

So I had a lot of fun yesterday playing with a new toy.  This toy is called GIMP.  No, it is not a man kept in a leather or rubber suit by freakish rednecks in eastern LA; it is a GNU Image Manipulation Program.
So yes, I’m teaching myself the fine art of layering images one over the other.  Sometimes, it works beautifully!


I really did not know how simple it was to USE GIMP to play around with images.  I’d always assumed it was way more of a challenge than I was up to.  Huh!

The location in the background (not in the foreground: I wasn’t in frame at all!) is called ‘Forest of Scissors’: a very interesting build done by one Igor Ballyhoo, and one that appealed to me as a hair addict.  If you want to go nose around the installation, then by all means click here and click on the ‘forest of scissors’ teleporter.

Also yes, I am a hair addict.  I’m constantly buying and trying new or different things with prim hair.  When I saw this installation, I instantly thought ‘well there’s a background for all the hair posts you do, Nath…’ so I got a bunch of photos, which I will be dragging out.  Some of them, though, I may just leave in the drawer: I have NO idea how I could use this one, for example:


but it’s neat, isn’t it?

So, on to the hair, then.  I was particularly struck by the forest of scissors (which sounds potentially fatal, doesn’t it?) because I had finally spent Lindens on new hair from Eclipse.  while I could natter on about it I’ll just show you. This one is called ‘Tidal’.  It’s a little messy and rumpled-looking…

Imageand yet it has a nice sleek look to it, as well. Very appealing stuff: I should’ve been shopping at Eclipse ages ago! (were they even around, ages ago…?)


I did these two against white so you can see all the fine details of the transparent hair prims more clearly: while the Forest of Scissors is a terrific image for drama, not so great for showing off fine details.

And a couple more, just in case you haven’t had enough of me showing off my newly-found image manipulation skills.



You can find the hair at Exile, along with many other appealing styles!

Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – creme – shaved’
Shirt: FATEwear ‘Ronald – Jungle’
Location: “Forest of Scissors”
Hair: Exile ‘Tidal’

And you may ask yourself, ‘Am I right, or am I wrong?’

And you may say to yourself, ‘My God! What have I done?’

So I had a mesh accident earlier tonight.  I was putting on my lovely suit of lovely gray from lovely FATEwear, and accidentally clicked on the XL rather than the M size I usually wear.  Didn’t notice for a bit until it had fully rendered.
At first, I snickered, and then I remembered a bit of documentary film from the 80s.


Well, I have a really big head.

stop making sense close up

So I went looking for where to get an appropriate photo, and remembered that I have a contact with the folks who are organizing The Event, an extravaganza that promises to be memorable!  And I remembered that they had red curtains in the build for it! And I tugged the right sleeve and before I knew it I was ready to dance stiffly while singing about psycho killers and other songs about buildings and food…
These are references to Stop Making Sense, a film featuring The Talking Heads.

stop making sense foot up

So remember, space cadets: sometimes what’s new in SL is what you accidentally stumble into!  Stay happy and enjoy your Second Life!

Suit: FATEwear ‘Edward’ suit (c) – London

Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild loafers

Hair: Exile – ‘Tidal’

Pic #1: ‘Dante’, from Diesel Works
Pic #2: ‘Silly Steps’ from Helamiyo