The Arcade March 2013!

I’ve been trying off and on all day to get into the Arcade’s Gacha Fair.  Just successfully got into the sim!  Hurrah! And then? I got knocked off of Second Life entirely!!!

NOT FAIR! NO NO NO NO! NOOOOOO!!!!!  I swear I probably woke someone up next door.

–but when I logged back in, I was still in The Country Club sim.

So I, uh, did a little shopping.  For those of you who don’t know what a gacha is in real life or Second Life, it is a vending machine which is stocked with smallish items.  You drop in your cash, you get out an item.  These items are often the same thing in different colors, so if your schoolmate gets the purple one and you wish yours was purple, and you have the green one and she wanted the green, the two of you swap the items, and you’re both happy!

Given the way SL works, a gacha is usually somewhere between L$50 and L$100.  What’s inside can be anything: you’re not limited by the vending machine’s size.

I may have gone a little crazy.

gacha - honey I'm home

the pose and the shoulders-and-necklace thing (they call it ‘Epaulettes’) are both from the Gacha Fair that The Arcade is hosting right now. Yes, the bags come with the pose. gacha - rainbow bags

Did I mention I did a little shopping?

Another pose from the same vendor.  Once I’d unpacked everything I felt like I needed to sit down and clear my head, just take a load off and let my mind wander with a good book.  As luck would have it, the fair had set me up admirably to do that.

gacha - curl up with a book

The Bibliotheque chair is something I wish was sitting in my RL livingroom.  I read SO much… and the lamp behind it is another gacha fair item, it’s from Trompe Loeil’s gacha there.  I would love to have a corner like this in my home!

But yeah, there were other, weirder things in the gachas.   I don’t know why everybody seems to think having antlers is cool, I really don’t…

gacha - black gold antlersgacha - black silver antlers

…but well, I’m ready the next time someone says it’s Antler Time, whether I am wearing warm or cool colors!

Of course there were other things there, besides lamps and chairs and antlers.  There was a delightful little kokeshi doll that fit perfectly with my house, as I kind of have this half-assed Japanese thing going on with the decor (minimalist aesthetic, plus some actually Japanese looking things), so here she is.  Paradox Messmer, the master of mix-and-match stitch-it-together-and-run-lightning-through-it-and-scream-joy-when-it-gets-off-the-slab fashion in SL, was kind enough to grab her for me, as I was a moron and TPed home without getting any one of the kokeshi.

gacha - kokeshi

Paradox’s blog, as it turns out, is the aptly named ‘Fashion Frankenstein’, and can be found here.
And there was a telephone I liked, which turns up in the next photo, but there was one particular item I Had To Have.  HAD TO.  My god I needed it like burning.  They offered it in several other animal colors and shapes but I wanted the wolf one and the tail to match and and and and.
This is how a gacha gets ya, ya see.  They know you’ll waste time and lindens buying that ONE ITEM you so desperately want.


But in fairness, how complete is ANYONE’S life without the hooded pyjamas of Max, from Where The Wild Things Are?

The Gacha Fair is running through all of the month of March, at The Arcade’s skybox.

I recommend visiting the Fair in late hours SLT (after midnight): the sim was SLAMMED all day today.

I’m only gonna name stuff from the event: if you’re curious about other things in the pic, please let me know!

Picture #1:
Pose: Adorkable Gacha Shopping Spree 8
Jewellery: Gizza’s ‘Epaulettes Brown’

Picture #2:
Pose: Adorkable ‘Gacha Shopping Spree 2’

Picture #3:
Pose, book, and chair: Alouette ‘The Bibliotheque Chair – Navy’Spotlight: Trompe Loeil’s ‘Spotlight Lamp’

Picture #4 & 5:
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Black Gold Studded) and (Black Silver Studded)

Picture #6: Doll: The Loft – Yorokobi Doll = Joy RARE

Picture #7:
Phone: floorplan. antique telephone gacha / sky
Chair and Lamp: as in picture #3

Jumper, hood, and tail (tail not seen): [AUK] Wild Rumpus Hood Wolf (Gray) and Wild Rumpus Jumper Gray RARE

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