I’d like to be, having a tea…

In Nath Pevensey’s skybox/ o’er the sea…

So today’s something new is definitely only something new to me.  I decided to play with shadows in Second Life photos today.  I had a much less powerful computer before this one, and it just was NOT up to the kind of work needed for higher-end photography.  I figured hey, that’s no big deal, I’ll just use the camera for fun and amusement.  I kept being befuddled by the way that other people were able to use it, the effects they achieved.  How much Photoshop was going on, here???

Yeah, I was naive.  But I know better, now.


Here’s some more prizes from the gacha event at The Arcade, which is ongoing through all of March.  The dolls are from The Loft, the spotlight lamp is from Trompe Loeil, the Bibliotheque chair is from Alouette, and the tea service (the plate at my feet, the cup on the armrest of the chair) is from Schadenfreude. All of these are gifts from the fair, none of them cost over $L100, and as you can see, they’re all stunning.  Especially in a setting where light and shadow play.

Let’s get a closer look at some of these things, shall we?


Beautiful, aren’t they?

I love the swirly pattern on the top of the ‘latte’ over to the bottom right.  But there’s more to these than meets the eye at a distance.  Let’s zoom in a bit closer, shall we?


Closer up you can see the detail of the sculpting, the perfect tone that was assigned to the tea over on the right-hand side (with the orange slice in it), the lovely little octopus arms that swirl inwards on top of the petites-fours.

There is a scripted colorchange hud in there that allows you to re-color each item into one of nine other colors!  I chose the green color because it does a fine job of showing off the sculpts, but really, they’re all good color choices.

They are from Schadenfreude, at The Arcade’s gacha event.  Scroll down a bit, you can find a TP  Enjoy! The event runs through the end of March.


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