New hair! New location! New skillset!

So I had a lot of fun yesterday playing with a new toy.  This toy is called GIMP.  No, it is not a man kept in a leather or rubber suit by freakish rednecks in eastern LA; it is a GNU Image Manipulation Program.
So yes, I’m teaching myself the fine art of layering images one over the other.  Sometimes, it works beautifully!


I really did not know how simple it was to USE GIMP to play around with images.  I’d always assumed it was way more of a challenge than I was up to.  Huh!

The location in the background (not in the foreground: I wasn’t in frame at all!) is called ‘Forest of Scissors’: a very interesting build done by one Igor Ballyhoo, and one that appealed to me as a hair addict.  If you want to go nose around the installation, then by all means click here and click on the ‘forest of scissors’ teleporter.

Also yes, I am a hair addict.  I’m constantly buying and trying new or different things with prim hair.  When I saw this installation, I instantly thought ‘well there’s a background for all the hair posts you do, Nath…’ so I got a bunch of photos, which I will be dragging out.  Some of them, though, I may just leave in the drawer: I have NO idea how I could use this one, for example:


but it’s neat, isn’t it?

So, on to the hair, then.  I was particularly struck by the forest of scissors (which sounds potentially fatal, doesn’t it?) because I had finally spent Lindens on new hair from Eclipse.  while I could natter on about it I’ll just show you. This one is called ‘Tidal’.  It’s a little messy and rumpled-looking…

Imageand yet it has a nice sleek look to it, as well. Very appealing stuff: I should’ve been shopping at Eclipse ages ago! (were they even around, ages ago…?)


I did these two against white so you can see all the fine details of the transparent hair prims more clearly: while the Forest of Scissors is a terrific image for drama, not so great for showing off fine details.

And a couple more, just in case you haven’t had enough of me showing off my newly-found image manipulation skills.



You can find the hair at Exile, along with many other appealing styles!

Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – creme – shaved’
Shirt: FATEwear ‘Ronald – Jungle’
Location: “Forest of Scissors”
Hair: Exile ‘Tidal’

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