A Game of Livingrooms

So RLwise, I live in a town that is very much a pedestrian’s city.  Owning a car was something I did when I was working 40 miles out of town, 5 days a week: I never used it otherwise save on rare occasions when I went for groceries.

As a result, I got used to walking past people’s houses in the early evening, that hour when these strangers have gotten home, shrugged the coat off, and may have just sat down to dinner, but they haven’t yet drawn the blinds or the curtains, and all the lights in the house are on.  I used to entertain myself by looking at what things people saw as worth having in their front room and then guessing who they were.  What is the story these objects are trying to tell me? Or as Neil Gaiman might’ve phrased it, ‘what are these somethings trying to tell you about someone?’

That one apartment had a collection of Japanese masks on the wall, for instance: maybe they were Japanese?  Maybe they’d spent a lot of time in Japan.  Maybe they had an uncle who was stationed in Okinawa through their childhood who died in a horrible tragic accident when they were very young, and so every memento he’d sent back to the family wound up in his loving niece/nephew’s home?
Or this apartment, where one wall was lined with book spines.  Obviously an avid reader: librarian professionally, perhaps?  Bookseller?

You get the general gist of the game, I think.  now, it’s your turn to play it… with a view of my livingroom in Second Life.  Yes, you can click on the photo to expand it, and there is a lot of detail in there. Image

I’d be curious to know what story you come up with, but you’re welcome to keep that to yourself if you’d rather!

Enjoy the novelty!


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