No pictures, they’re just too shameful, and nobody needs the direct shaming.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I own several items of mesh clothing from several designers that I love, is it too much to ask of you folks who design mesh clothes that you all accept that a size SMALL shirt’s cuffs should probably wind up inside of a size EXTRA LARGE jacket’s cuffs?
Seriously? Is it such a weird expectation, if you’re all working with 5 sizes found by ‘polling a bunch of users’ (which hey, I don’t know of anyone who actually WAS polled though I know plenty of folks who should have been) and averaging things out as far as an avatar’s shape goes, that you’d all simply understand that hey, a size S shirt should fit inside of an XL trenchcoat?

AND YET.  No, it doesn’t, at all. If it were the full shirt instead of a dickie to show above the vest and a pair of cuffs, I suspect it’d fit even worse.  Seriously, guys. This is not rocket science. Even if it involves more processing power than was used to land man on the Moon, it’s not rocket science.

There are no pictures, because me grousing and bitching doesn’t need to be associated with any designer.  It’s not just one designer: it’s several. And I know you’re all doing your best: why bother doing something creative in Second Life with an eye to sales without doing it as greatly as you can??  But seriously, the cuffs of one designer’s XL trenchcoat should easily wrap around the cuffs of a shirt sized S, especially when it’s meant by the designer to fit under a jacket also sized S.  I am startled as heck that it doesn’t, honestly.


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