Sometimes, Things Just Mesh.

Bonus post!

So yesterday, all my mesh hair from Wasabi Pill got eaten by Linden Lab’s ‘network’ of inventory ‘servers’.  I emailed the staff at the shop to ask if they might have a redelivery terminal as everything had evaporated, and the owner was kind enough to just throw me everything I’d already bought!  This was awesome, so I figured one of my favorite hairs of theirs deserved a place in the sun.
And in the process of trying to decide where to go seek that place in the sun, I found myself looking at Ziki Questi’s blog again, and drooling over the gorgeous sim that she’d linked.  So there we go, I’ll go there. Image

While this is supposed to remind one of northern Baja California, it reminded me, frankly, of Alta California coastlines (that is, the USA’s part of what was called California).  I was pleased with this photo!  And with the sleeker look with the Zach hair from Wasabi Pill and the FATEwear shirt and pants!   Maybe… there is more FATEwear I want???

So I went to check on that.


I did not find more FATEwear that I needed to wear, as fate would have it.  But I did find myself wondering what I could pull off with the really gorgeous landing point Damien has set up for his guests, and I was… pretty pleased indeed.

Sometimes, things just Mesh.

Hair: Wasabi Pill ‘Zach Hair – Night Shadow’
Shape: my own creation
Eyes: FATEeyes
Shirt: FATEwear ‘Shirt – Drake – Winterforest’
Pants: FATEwear ‘Pants – Eddie – Void’
Shoes: Kalnin’s ‘Crossyard’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternal – Tristan – Bald Shaved Bk’

April in Paris, who can I run to


So last night, with grouchy meh on my mind, I decided to do a bit of browsing around to see if anything people had photos of reminded me of things I wanted to take photos of.  And as luck would have it, Paradox Messmer’s photo of him in a band jacket at the Graumann’s Theater build from the Event: Hollywood reminded me that I’d kind of wanted to investigate the jacket from Strip’d that he was wearing. Were there other colors than stop-sign red? Would I want to wear them?
The answer is, obviously, yes.

So let’s look a little closer at this puppy.  First things first; the blue T-shirt comes with the jacket, and is tintable, so you can use that to help co-ordinate a look with say, the blue-and-green tartan pants you are wearing.

The back of it hasn’t been skimped on by the designer, too: nice even texture work back here! Image

Here’s the front again, a bit closer up, so you can look at the detail work on the frogs.  While they’re not sculpts / mesh and are simply textures on the mesh, I still think Valentine Rexen has done a nice job with them!


Another nice thing that I didn’t realize at first was that if I can tint the t-shirt ‘face’ of the mesh, I can also render its transparency separately from other faces. The jacket even comes with an alpha for wearing the jacket with the T-shirt set to full transparency!


Strip’d don’t have an inworld shop at present, but that’s OK, because you can still find them on Marketplace!

Hair: Dura “*Dura-Boy*43(Black)” (from Menswear fashion week, I’m sure it’s in the Dura store now, though)
Skin: LOGO “Eternity Tristan Skin Clean Shaven Bk”
Jacket and Shirt: [strip’d] “Finn Jacket [Green]” (Shirt face of the mesh object is tintable, so I went for something to match the pants.  Also please note: Marketplace store, not SLURL!)
Shoes: [monso] “My Studded Oxford” (from FaMESHed, I bet they’re in the store now, though)
Shape: my own work
Necklace: Exquisite Jewelery “Mr. Black Gothic Necklace”
Pants: Reila “Tartan Trousers 4”

Random Photos

Some leftover dribs and drabs from here and there in SL: I’ve blogged most of these locations already.


Though I hadn’t blogged this one. I’ve forgotten the model’s name already, pathetically enough: ByrneDarkly Cazalet will likely be able to fill in the blank.

This post is in part because I am grouchy that today’s new thing was Linden Lab eating about $L1200 worth of hair. Damn it. Continue reading

When You Wish Upon a Star…

So I’ve been meaning and meaning and MEANING to get around to blogging about the cool thing I got introduced to by Marianne McCann, the Robin (Sojourner) Wood “Star Light” gachas.  L$50 a pop, and you have 14 different ones that you might get. The awesome thing about it is that the rares are not TERRIBLY rare, and even the commons are pretty!


They’re mesh, so they’re a stunning 1 land impact each.  Also, they come with a fairly short twisty cord that is part of the mesh… but if you need a longer cord, Robin was good enough to tuck a notecard into the object which tells you all about the various things you can set and also walks you through creating a longer cord for them!  If you like my cord and fixture set up, feel free to ping me inworld, I can toss you a copy of them to save you a couple of the steps Robin talks you through.

You can set them up to just go to full bright instead of turning on, too, if (like me) it seemed like a good idea to you to hang 7 of them all in a bunch.  There’re several brightness settings for the lamps, too, and you can also tell them to attune to estate time as far as their fullbright or illumination goes.


Since I was finally able to go home and get some proper close-ups of some of these, a few more photos.  This one’s named Star Light – Icy Vines:

Star Light - Icy Vines

and here’s the Star Light – Asian Flowers:

Star Light - Asian Flowers

Notice how they have completely different cutout patterns in them?  There was clearly a lot of thought put into these suckers!

Last, here’s my personal favorite, the Starfield RARE.

Star Light - Starfield RARE

You can get them at Robin (Sojourner) Wood’s shop, for L$50, by clicking on this SLURL right here.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem.


Not-exactly-a Stylecard:
Curtains: [LeeZu!] “Greta Curtains Mesh /owls 1 1”
Suitcase: {vespertine- machinarium suitcase/owls}
Colorful owls: From Hollygolightly resident’s gacha named “-:- Ootsie Cutsie -:- HuGGie Plushies” (check her profile data for a LM)
Gray owls (with glasses, moustache, question mark, wizard hat): Two Cats “Hoots Owl Plushie gacha”, at the Two Cats store in the Fantasy Faire

Some random thoughts:

Random thought the first:
Does a HUD-based easter-egg hunt in 11 of the laggiest sims that ever lagged lagfully seem like it could be a really bad idea?  I hope it isn’t: I hope that it works better than it looks on ‘paper’, to tell the truth!  If I’m obviously mistaken in your opinion, or you want to know more, you can find out more at the Fantasy Faire’s wordpress blog! I’m unlikely to participate myself: RL has gotten into crunch time, and hunts eat a lot of time.  But I don’t doubt, based on what I’ve seen of the sims, that the goodies are going to be pretty high-quality.

Continue reading


Yo estaba bien por un tiempo
volviendo a sonreír
Luego anoche te vi
tu mano me tocó
y el saludo de tu voz
Y hablé muy bien
y tú sin saber
que he estado
llorando por tu amor
llorando por tu amor
Luego de tu adiós
sentí todo mi dolor
Sola y llorando, llorando, llorando
No es fácil de entender
que al verte otra vez
yo esté llorando


Yo que pensé que te olvidé
pero es verdad, es la verdad
que te quiero aun más
mucho más que ayer
Dime tú que puedo hacer
¿No me quieres ya?
Y siempre estaré
llorando por tu amor
llorando por tu amor
Tu amor se llevó
todo mi corazón
Y quedo llorando, llorando, llorando, llorando
por tu amor

Skin: LOGO “Eternity Tristan Skin – Pale – Clean Shaven Bald Bk”
Hair: Dura “*Dura-Boy*43(Black)” (Menswear Fashion Week exclusive)
Eyes: FATEeyes
Pose & Headphones: Standby Retro Headphones Gold (RARE gacha prize)
Microphone: Standby Retro Microphone gold (RARE gacha prize)
Camp shirt: Gabriel “::GB:: ::GB::MESH short-sleeved shirt (Fire)”
T-shirt: HardWear “Bewildered tank top (bronze)”
Jeans: Alphamale “Alphamale Classic Jeans (Low)” with “Alphamale Classic Jeans Belt (Low)”
Spotlight: Trompe Loeil “Spotlight Lamp”
Shape: my own

Lyrics: Rebekah del Rio, as translated from Roy Orbison’s original song — click here for the video

In which we learn that SOME KINDS of beauty are only skin deep

So I had found a skin to try out on my avatar.  I liked it!  I thought it had a nice boyish look to it, and I looked forward to remodeling my avatar to suit it perfectly, and I cheerfully ponied up a ton of lindens…

…only to discover that the stupid fucking vendor was set up with buttons for which hair-color you wanted on the skin.  Now I can understand and even praise wanting to offer more variety!  As someone I knew once upon a time would complain, his avatar being nearly white-blonde should probably not be forced to have black eyebrows.  But could one not just build a vendor where you click the level of facial hair you are going to buy, and instead of just saying saying ‘gimme yer dough [yes] [no]’, it instead says ‘pick the hair color you want for eyebrows and bodily hair [black][brown][blonde]’ and THEN says ‘gimme yer dough for ‘Skin name – BLONDE’ when you’ve picked?

If you’re any good with scripting, get on this one, kids: I’m sure some retailer in Second Life would be thrilled to be able to spare themselves whiny IMs from idjits like me who got the wrong color.

However!  I do try to keep the blog about things that are new, so here’s a little thought experiment.  Did I, or did I not, change my shape between any two of these photos?


I didn’t think I’d look that cute as a blonde.  But here, closer up you might be able to spot if I changed shape or not.


Interesting, isn’t it?  Same exact shape in both photos, same eyes, but the avatar looks completely different with blonde hair and eyebrows than with black hair and eyebrows.

So yeah, there’s a lesson to learn here: all skins are not equal, and any shape is changed by wearing one.


Hoodie: Loordes of London “Central Line Hoodie-Green”
Jeans: .:L&B:. “S’Wear Mesh Mens Jeans boot cut (Dark Blue)”
Shoes: [monso] “My Studded Oxford – Black”
Shape: Made it myself

Blonde hair: Dura, “*Dura-Boy*37(Sandrift)”
Black hair: Exile, “Tidal – Raven”
Blonde-haired skin: LOGO “LOGO Eternity Tristan Skin Clean Shaven Bl”
Black-haired skin: Ispachi “Gabriel – Creme – shaved”