Nath darling, even Amanda de Cadenet can remember the word “accessories”.

So a second post about stuff from The Event: Hollywood.  First off, two items of clothing I forgot to blog in my last post! So here we go: another new outfit from the Event: Hollywood’s 80some designers.

The shirt is from Graffitiwear, and is their offering for The Event for men: it comes in several different colors, I chose purple because I like purple!
The pants are the LMDforMen ‘Beach Bum Pants’ in Pewter.
Both are really quality stuff: nice rich textures, and the mesh is well-sculpted to fit an avatar without seeming completely deranged in some fashion.  I definitely have to keep an eye on what the folks at Graffitiwear are doing with mesh, this is majestic stuff. And who are these LMD people and why is all their stuff not IN MY WARDROBE RIGHT NOW?

Now this post was SUPPOSED to be about hats, gloves, shoes and jewelery.  Yes, accessories.  It’s an open secret but a dirty little one that most designers don’t bother making these things for boys.  They don’t make interesting necklaces: here, have a serpentine chain, guys. Maybe I’ll put a pendant on it.  Meanwhile they’re cranking out tons of gorgeous necklaces and bracelets and bracers and crowns and tiaras and and and for the ladies.  Browsing through The Womenstuff news on The Event: Hollywood, I found myself wanting a few things and well.

Ever wonder if you could wear those items, boys?
Guess what: you almost always can, with a little work!


Here’s the Aidoru jewelery gift for the ladies at The Event, as worn by me.  Simple trick to it, really.  A: I sized it up about 20%-25%, so it fit around my neck. B: I used the ‘edit’ function to rotate the pendant downwards and back. The necklace was designed with the idea in mind that one would have the pendant sitting atop their bosom: I haven’t GOT a bosom, so.  Step C: I tweaked around with the chain fastener in back so it didn’t poke out from my spine quite so much. A little bit finicky but LOOK at this thing, boys.  It’s gorgeous, ain’t it??? The gemstones are multi-colored, resettable with a HUD. So’s the metal, and the metal also has several different levels of reflection built in.


This is another necklace, by {me.}, the ‘Diva MAXI neclace // green’.  This one I thought worked pretty well for a guy, because while it’s not Ravingly Macho Masculine Grwar 24k Testosterone, it’s certainly not assaultively feminine.  Imagine it around the neck of an elf avatar, say.  Or with a nice long hair like some of Wasabi Pills’ rigged mesh stuff.

One last photo for you, then!  Here’s a couple things which I thought really played up the machismo of my avatar:

These are from Eclectica – the ‘Flaunt’ headdress and fans in fuscia.  What can I say. Sometimes, you need the ostrich fans and headdress: I’m set for Rio de Janiero night at the nightclub, now!

And that’s what’s fresh and exciting!

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