Shopping? it’s The Event: Hollywood!

As you’ve probably heard from other sources by now, The Event: Hollywood opened on Saturday to a rousing success!  Over 80 designers are there to show new wares, so many that a map might be handy…
…isn’t it good that there’s a map?

I’ve blogged about a couple of the items available already, but here are some more!  I’ll save the one that floored me for last.

First off I’ll start with something casual from Hawker’s House, who have brought us the “Gentleman Jack Men’s Mesh Diamond Jeans Frosted Denim” and the “OhmEga Men’s Mesh Leisure Sports Top Navy” I’m wearing in this first photo.
The two are separate items of mesh, but they looked so good together!
[FIEND] has brought us their ‘Fame – Skinny pants with suspenders’.  I’ve always loved this kind of a look with suspenders, the way they can dangle from the waist, and here are a pair done in mesh!
Pekas has frankly surprised me with the wide variety of things they’re offering: I’ve never disliked their work but it’s not jumped out at me before like these items have.  Here’s the Urban Joe shirt and pants outfit: I really love the color and shape here!

Did I mention that the shirt was rigged mesh? Ooops, I should’ve mentioned that.  They’ve done a few other things with this same shape: the Dyango shirt also jumped out at me.
And also they did a tuxedo, the Jhonny: Image

‘Urban Rikko’ and ‘Urban Saxon’ are two other outfits that they’re offering that really pleased me too. But this isn’t the Pekas Designs blog post, so, on to the next change of clothes!
(red)sand did a series of mesh T-shirts with, of course, spangly jolly rogers on them.  brown, black, white… several colors, and all in different mesh sizes. They’re AWESOME! Some nice jeans, too, named ‘Cosmo’…

And now, for something from the other day, and more information!

I was MISTAKEN before, too! I had thought that GlamDammit!’s contribution was the Display jacket and trousers (which are pictured above): but! However! In fact, they did the Dragon coat: same basic shape, but a more black-and-white look. I love how GlamDammit! uses reptilian textures that somehow get a realistic feel.
Aidoru brought us some jewelry, a gorgeous lapel pin named SansSouci, which I’m wearing here with the Dragon outfit from GlamDammit! because I think they go together awesome:
Humanoid brought a few terrific dances, which are nice and low-key.  I can’t really photo them, obviously, but you should check their goods out. The dances rock.

I’m right impressed by the Celebrity male shape from Mulholland – celebrity male shape/eyebrow base.  It definitely looks somewhat familiar… it comes with a styling card suggesting how you could readily make your avatar look like Liz Lemon’s husband, on 30 Rock.
nota bene: I did edit the ears myself, and I would be happy to share the measurements I put on them.  The designer expects that you’ll wear prim ears with it- which is a fine idea, but I wanted to show you what was at The Event: Hollywood, not to show you someone else’s work! 🙂

And then we come to the one that truly blew my mind. Swaffette Firefly of SF Design took the ‘Old Hollywood’ thing to an extreme, doing us up ‘A Right Charlie’.

The cane comes with it. as does the shape. as does the skin. as does the hair, the hat, the moustache, even the beat up old boots that The Little Tramp wore.
I can’t get a photo of it in action, but the animation on the cane will actually make your avatar lean over his far-too-short cane to walk.  It’s truly amazing.
I’ve focused solely on the items for men, here: there are other items for women, but well, I don’t have the bustline for the majority of them!

So, get to The Event: Hollywood, and start shopping!

the event transparency


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