New addition to the Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Men’s Open Tuxedo!

So back in February, when I initially blogged about this awesome tux, Bastchild and Paul had rushed to get four looks out ASAP just to be able to get the thing available for Valentine’s Day.  red, gray, black, and white cummerbund and tie and pocketsquare.  They did want to come back to it eventually, and well… they did.  A whole WEALTH of colors are available for this suit now!  I picked up the green accessories, since green’s my favorite color.

If two's company and three's a crowd then what the devil is this?

So here’s the L&B AddOn Deluxe “Silk Dark Greens” for MESH Classic Tuxedos. Colors are, from left to right: Ivy, Emerald, Olivine, and Loden.

Another L$200 (roughly) and you get a whole new look to go with your tux!

The poses here are from PosESioN, and are their contribution to The Event: Hollywood.

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