Gacha CARNIVAL! No, not The Arcade, not The Fair, not The Thingy. The Gacha Carnival

So yes, there’s a Gacha carnival running inworld now.  There’s a lot of lovely stuff for the ladies, but as I don’t really tend to wear dresses or skirts or leggings too much, a bit less variety for me. 😉

However! I did find some shoes I rather liked: Image

And at L$50 the pair I bought two:


These were by Sweet Valentine, and hey, the price is good!  There’s a WIDE variety of fabric for them, and mercifully? they come with an unrigged mesh pair of shoes, so that I could wear them and edit them to fit my big man-feet.

Ruca Tease is doing umbrellas that are quite cute!  And here is one, shown here with the -JoHaDeZ- “arty vase “flat eggy” colored”, and Man in the Moon bookends by Persnickity.


I have never seen the point of bothering really dolling up a bedroom in Second Life. You do not sleep there.  You do not lay there and read a book.  You use it for one thing IF you bother using it for anything at all.

The “[Loft I] Bedroom Kit in Mesh by Night Store” has changed my opinion on the matter.  Here, have a good look:


A big honkin’ piece of mesh, this: 20some land impact, and a mere L$100 on the gacha!

So hey, go check out the Gacha Carnival!  You might well find some things you want.


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