I’m wearing a new dress, new hair Brand new ideas

as a matter of fact I’ve changed for good
It must have been the cool night, new moon, slight change
More than to figure oh but I feel like I should, yes

Sometimes, what’s new is the same old thing you’ve been dragging around, it just needed a new accessory.  I’ve visited this idea before, with the addition of some antlers to my wardrobe.

Sometimes, what’s new is the accidental mash-up you create by not getting something off while putting something else on:


Like, the Divinity antlers from Half-Deer and the Glam Affair ‘Slice of Paradise’ twigs in blue, here.  Accidentally added one of the antler bits instead of wearing it, which meant that the twigs stayed… but gosh, that works pretty well together, doesn’t it?  It’s the happy accidents of what you mix and match, sometimes.  One of the few things I’m disliking about mesh is the way that I can’t try out how that Lapointe and Bastchlid jacket will play with the pants from Fatewear and the T-shirt from Ruca Tease. It’s not a failing of the designers at all, I have to point that out!  It’s a failing of the limited way in which mesh has, so far, been implemented.  There’s not standard sizing (despite what they’ll tell you), so there’s just not any way for a designer to know ‘this can be X distance from the avatar, and the next layer, everyone else will design to start at Y distance from the avatar’.

I do love what I call car-crash styling of an outfit, though: cobbling it together from this designer and that designer and the other.  Sometimes you can be smooth as silk with it, like in this photo:


This outfit was pieced together from no fewer than 6 shops: I know the pants were from A:S:S, the sweater is BalAni, the hair is kMadd, and the pose (with chair) is from 3M.  Other than that, I’ve lost the stylecard for this one.  I also tinted both sweater and hair.  This was a bunch of hunt gifts, and I wanted to see how good of a look I could put together by simply pushing things together.  Pretty even and consistent, no?

Other times, you just get a wild hair up your backside and decide to start playing around with things you wouldn’t, normally.  Like, shape sliders.  Some of my best looks have come out of that last bit. And some of the worst, in fairness.  One of the best, however, happened Friday night. Image

I came home from being out at a friend’s birthday RL, with perhaps a little too much booze in me, and started poking at my face sliders gently.  Then I decided I WOULD go to Dura and I WOULD buy hair that I didn’t own and it WOULD be fabulous and I WOULD love it SO THERE I WOULD I WOULD I WOULD.
And I wound up clicking on the wrong vendor and buying a different hair altogether than the one I’d decided I would give a try.  Dammit!

However, something about it was serendipity, not a waste of time!

The point is, you should always explore. There’re new things hidden in even the best-lit corners of your inventory: what about that necklace you got to blog?  What if you tried that shirt with those pants?  What about the awesome little stuffed bat gacha that you found and which is full mod so you could resize it and wear it somewhere insane like–


(Yes, the ubiquitous Half-Deer Eternum antlers make yet another appearance in this post)

At this point, if you’ve actually been reading, you only need a stylecard for the last two (or understand I don’t have one for anything else), so here we go!


Green and white sweater, w/ necklace (next-to-last photo)

Shirt: FATEwear ‘Shirt – Drake – (UT) WinterForest’
Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – Cream – Shaved’
Shape: Made it myself!
Eyes: ‘FATEeyes’
Necklace: {me.} ‘Diva MAXI Necklace // Green’ (Exclusively at ‘The Event: Hollywood’)
Earring: Schadenfreude ‘Tako Sushi Earring (l)’ – Gacha prize from their store
Hair: Dura ‘*Dura-Boy*39(Black)’

Last photo: Hair: Dura ‘*Dura-Boy*39(Black)’
Antlers: Half-Deer ‘Eternum Antlers – Constellation’
Suit and Trenchcoat: Mohna Lisa Couture, ‘J Dean Coat Suit Black & Black’ (Exclusive for ‘The Event: Hollywood’)
Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – Cream – Shaved’
Bat (hanging from the antlers!): HPMD* ‘stuffed bat (rare)’ – gacha prize from their store

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