In which something new pops up even while I’m taking photos.

There’s always something you haven’t seen before, always something new. Always something different.  I found out about the mesh clothes at Reila, and figured it was worth a look: hey, a designer I don’t know is playing with Mesh. Maybe they’re doing something cool and exciting.

Hoo boy yes. I fell quite hard for their Tartan Trousers, which had a lovely punkrock old-school feel to them (Gaultier would be proud), and decided to put together a look around them: to ‘fashion frankenstein’, as Paradox Messmer puts it. How about this coat.  that coat? The other coat? Hrmm… what coat, oh wait, I know, the +grasp+ ‘Leather biker jacket 2012(mesh)/Navy/mens’ I have from last year.



So I had just found the right location and gotten a couple of very basic photos taken (see above). Grasp always makes me think of Shinjuku in Tokyo, or of cyberpunk.  Or of both. I’d just started taking photos and was getting ready to do some high-rez ones when a little blue box told me that one of my favorite designers had just released a new biker jacket.  Okay, back to square one… with another jacket I like quite a lot: the new Lapointe & Bastchild “L&B Swear Mesh “Classic” Mens Leather Jacket -Black Multi&HUD 2″.

Just like the tuxedo I mentioned earlier, this also comes with a hud.  You can choose 4 different leather textures with it.

Stitched: Image

Regular: Image

Quilted: Image

And the rather intriguing PVC:Image

Now, I got sneaky in there. Didja notice the zippers and the buckle changing color? The HUD has a bronze and a steel texture for the zips and the buckle- the lining as well, though that’s pretty hard to see change.  I’m sure you noticed also that I changed the shirt. That’s because with the HUD you can pick from 8 shirt textures (4 plain T-shirts, 4 printed) , so you can customize your look a bit.
Run, don’t walk, to Lapointe & Bastchild!

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