Something not yet new, as it’s not a thing yet

So I had a thought.  I was flipping through websites and stumbled across an artist whose work i’d seen before, one Giovanni Battista Bracelli.  One of his drawings graces the cover of Christopher Priest’s ‘The Prestige’, which is where I first found him.  Looking at them today after spending the evening flipping through photos from various SL art installations – as well as looking at a couple photos of myself dressed up with Curio Obscura’s “Butterflies Dreaming That They Are An Avatar”, I was struck by the idea that perhaps someone should use Bracelli’s Bizzarrie di Varie Figure as a jumping-off point in avatar design (that’s a link to the google image results for the term, which include several images from the original work).
Do I know anyone who makes whacky weird astonishing avatars?  Do you know anyone who knows one?  It seems like it’d work awful well as a strange-avatar jumping off point.

And as the butterflies are low-renderweight, I wore them to Collabor88 for a second jaunt.


It seems like the woman sitting to the right of my avatar is looking off into the distance thinking ‘I am NOT gonna say anything. NOT going to say anything. NO. NOT SAYING ANYTHING.
The Butterflies Dreaming, by the way, are from Curio Obscura.  And they’re on the lucky chairs lately!

So hey, maybe Bracelli’s work will inspire something new in SL!

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