The Lapointe & Bastchild “L&B Swear Mesh “Classic” Mens Leather Jacket -Black Multi&HUD 2″

In my previous post I sprang a little suprise on you, Gentle Reader, with a left-turn at Albuquerque.  Go to that post to see this lovely jacket ‘in the wild’, so to speak.  Here’s the new Lapointe & Bastchild jacket considered up close and personal, so you can take in all the gorgeous texture without anything behind it to distract.

These photos, it bears note, were taken at low rez, with the avatar and LoD sliders all the way up. No retouching has occurred: just enjoy the level of workmanship!
There are also pictures of a couple of the shirts in here, as well.

Here’s the regular texture: Image

This is my favorite of the shirts, too. 🙂
The Stitched jacket texture comes next, and is very much my favorite: Image

And the Quilted (which is not very ‘me’, but is a GORGEOUS piece of texture and sculpt, to my eyes): Image

Again, I have to point out: all I did to these photos was crop them down a bit.

And here is the last of the lot, the PVC: Image

Pretty sweet, huh?  All of that for just L$599, too.  You can pick it up on Marketplace, though I’d suggest getting the demo and making sure you like the cut of the coat’s jib first!  Alternately, you could swing by their clothing shop and have a look around: there’s plenty more where this came from!


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