Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (contents probably NOT worksafe: read with this in mind)

So… I found this remarkable knock-off of a chair by an Italian designer RL: a chair that sells for thousands of dollars, so I’m never going to own it. But it’s an amazing chair.
I thought I should do some photography with it, and my imagination ran away with me. That or a Giorgio Armani ad did.


There are more photos of this remarkable chair after the ‘read more’. Also, a warning: there is less clothing. Some might say none, in fact. They would also be correct. Obviously, it would be gauche to take you by surprise with a less-than-attired avatar, so it only seemed fitting to warn you before we carried on.

The RL designer whose Octopus Chair this is (at the very least) a loving tribute to is Maximo Riera (you can find him using Google).  22769 made the chair: it’s called the “[bauwerk] Beyond the Sea color:black”.


So far it seems pretty ordinary, yes?  But wait.  Come around to the side.


See? there’s a few tentacles just trailing behind the chair, like a bridal gown’s wedding train, or a cape…


And as we continue on around you can see that it’s more than a couple of tentacles. And isn’t the chair back reminiscent of an octopus head? Image

So let’s run around the back and get a closer look at what’s going on back there.  A lot of things impress me about this chair. There’s the remarkable number of poses built into it (and I haven’t used all of them in this post!), there’s the rich, almost heavy-with-detail textures, there’s the remarkable job of shaping the thing that went on, there’s the lovely drop-shadow beneath it and of course, Image

There are all of those lovely, lovely, lovely, Image

lovely tentacles.

Oh, the avatar’s dressed up in Gabriel’s “::GB::Black Loose Shirt” and “::GB::MESH Boots in Pants (Paisley)”, with GoS’s “[Docs V2] 8 Hole – M – BLACK”and the Redgrave full-avatar set (shape, skin, eyes) of Redgrave’s “[LOOK] Tan Skin –David–“.  I thought using an avatar who is so obviously Not David Beckham would be fitting, especially in a shadowy environment such as where one would find a real octopus… or a real unclothed Beckham.


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