Rumors of Spring

With winter’s grasp upon us broken, and the Conquering Sun returned upon the equinox, we decided to go to the beach, to see how the spring has sprung. Image

Across the bridge we go- mind your step across the gap… Image

And here we find the trolley tracks, near the lighthouse, just as the snow begins to fall again.


The lighthouse looks an intriguing destination, so we continue along the path to there, only to find that the weather suggests an incoming storm.


Up the hill we go, then, to see what is at the summit.  Up, and up…


and up. We find a secret at the top of the mountain, a secret that we decide to keep only to ourselves, and then we descend from the mountain, back to the relative warmth of the valley. Image

As we descend, light snow turns into light rain, spattering down and drenching us in slow degrees, inch by inch, until by the time we reach the river, we’re quite soaked.


I hear the trolley coming, and I suggest that we could get inside and head back, warming our bones just by being out of the rain. You disagree: the trolley, you say, has a disreputably rickety look to it in your eyes.


And as we found out later, you were correct in your suspicions.


Onwards then: perhaps, since we are getting cold, and it’s getting dark, we should take a last look at things? Suddenly, the sun burst from behind the clouds, and Spring, it seemed, was with us at last.

Warmed by the sun, and with the first buds beginning to peek out from beneath the soil, then, we’ll take one last look at the island, and return home as the sun makes his way to the horizon.


Thanks to PalomaSnow Resident for pointing me at the sim in these photos, which is named nostos:deer & “Little Hopper”.  Little Hopper is a shop that is located in a skybox above the island.


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