You Are the King of the Divan!

So I got to FaMESHed and found these shoes, at the recommendation of one Paradox Messmer.  This man is a bad influence, people.  and his blog Fashion Frankenstein just keeps bringing the hits!

So yeah, these are the new shoes: My Studded Oxfords, from [monso]: aren’t they cute? Image

They weren’t kidding when they named these suckers, were they.   They inspired some admiration from me, so here’s another angle: Image

And after a long span just enjoying the shoe porn, I decided I should put on some clothes.  So I got out my plaid pants and my suspenders,Image

and then slipped into a Tshirt and a biker jacket and some jewelery- piercings and necklace and bracelet.


It was time to rock out!  And I was just about to start rocking out when someone IMed me out of the blue to ask if I’d ever heard of a shop named ionic.  Why no,  says I.  No, I have not heard of them.  So off I went to browse, and found… the perfect T-shirt. Mesh. Punk rock as all heck. Woo hoo!


Which I proceeded to rock out in.

The jewelry probably deserves a closer look: I had no idea I had such a variety of facial piercings!  Here’s the left ear:


And here is the right.


Ca plane pour moi, indeed.

Skin: Ispachi “Gabriel – Creme – Shaved”
Eyes: FATEeyes
Shape: my own creation.
Hair: Truth “Damien”
Shoes: monso “My Studded Oxford”
Pants: Reila “Tartan4”
Suspenders: Pekas “Urban Rikko Suspenders”
Shirt #1: [np] “Octopus Tee”
Shirt #2: Ionic “indie tee -flipper-”
bracelet and necklaces: Chop Zuey, “The Final Judgement”
Jacket: +grasp+ “Leather biker jacket 2012 /Navy/mens”
Aidoru: AIDORU Osiris earring L (touch me)”
.:CoLL:. “Unheimlich Ear Loops + Chain ~ Left”

*~*Illusions*~* “*~*Safety Pin Earrings Rt”

PoseSion: “Simple Woman 4”
Diesel Works: “Natya 5”


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