A bit of signal-boosting

So while I am not on the inside track on this one at all, I do feel that for those of you who love new things in Second Life, Menswear Fashion Week is coming up.  I’ve been hearing about cool things to come from various friends, and one of them has been so kind as to document what he’s been seeing over on his blog.  That’d be Paradox Messmer, who is shown at this link wearing a suit that makes me think I might have to chloroform him and strip it from his unconscious body.

There are other things he’s blogged about that are going to be at MWFW too- and I imagine more will be coming down the pipe.  So hey, have a peek at Fashion Frankenstein and see what 20,000 volts of electricity can do for YOUR men’s wardrobe!

EDIT 4/19: In addition to Dox’s great photos, Nigel Riel, over at Trials of Eyeliner, has also been detailing his finds from MWFW today: you should check those out, too, if you’re curious what the offerings are (and if, like me, you hate TPing into the middle of a Lag Fair and trying to do anything but stand there going ‘hurrrrrr’ as you wait 9 million years for everything to rez in).


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