Uhm woah.

I’ve always been a fan of RL space exploration. This? Damned cool.

“As of February 1, 2011, there were 91 transiting exoplanets in the catalog maintained by exoplanets.org, 11 of which are in the area of the sky observed by Kepler (red). In June 2010, the team released 312 new transiting planet candidates (blue). Today [February 2], our total count is a staggering 1,235 potential new worlds (yellow), 18 of which are confirmed planets. We compute the total (planets+Kepler Candidates) as 91 – 11 + 1235 = 1315. Arithmetic aside, this is A LOT!”
So, that’s something new.  We’ve identified 18 planets in orbit around other stars, and have a sneaking suspicion there’s another 1297 or so out there.
And you thought science was stupid. 🙂



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