Menswear Fashion week (MWFW)

There may be more posts about MWFW here, but this one is at least the first.  I saw pictures of this suit on a couple of people I know before the event kicked off, and figured I absolutely had to have it.  As soon as I could get into the sim whammo, let’s do some shopping.
It was a bit more than I had on me, but a friend (Ahn) was kind enough to just grab the damn thing for me. Woah.

So here it is, the Vengeful Threads ‘Dia de los Muertos’ suit, photographed at New Trails.


I love the rich details of this suit, the bright colors and the black.  Ahn opined that he doubted anyone else could wear this suit, but I pointed out that I knew two other people who could and did wear it smashingly well.  So… maybe you will, too!

Here it is from the back:


The lighting on this one’s a little brighter: the front of the suit is every bit as vibrantly colored as this side looks. What I like about the suit is the little details that Vixn put into the outfit, like the seams and cuffs: Image

or the fact that the shirt that goes under it has just a hint of texture, all by itself:


So yeah, that’s the Vengeful Threads suit at Menswear Fashion Week!  I’m told by others that the designer hasn’t put much emphasis on menswear in the past: if that’s the case, I look forward to seeing where she goes with it in the future!

Skin: Ispachi “Gabriel – creme – shaved”
Hair: Exile “Tidal – Midnight”Eyes: FATEeyes
Pants, shirt, and jacket: Vengeful Threads “Vengeful Threads – Dia De Los Muertos” (Menswear Fashion Week exclusive)
Tattoo: Lapointe & Bastchild “Laveau Voodoo Tattoos”
Shape: home-made


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