Oh look, inventory server issues

To quote from themselves the Lindens:
[Posted 9:38am PDT, 20 April 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled server maintenance.  During this time, some residents may experience issues rezzing, derezzing, changing clothing, or loading inventory. This maintenance may also disrupt transactions and logins. Please refrain from transacting with L$ or rezzing valuable (no-copy) items until this issue is resolved.

I am currently unable to rezz anything at all, an 11th of my inventory is missing, and I’m an orange cloud. In about 1/2 hour, the Shiki show at MensWear Fashion Week is SUPPOSED to kick off, but well.  I’ve been joking around with friends about how badly THAT would go: “The handsome orange puffball before you is Nath Pevensey, who is wearing Shiki’s ‘Orange Puffball’ top with the matching trousers…”


3 thoughts on “Oh look, inventory server issues

  1. I’ve been having issues with inventory since last night… I gave up earlier, I’ll attempt to do something productive later tonight, though knowing SL this may last for some time… If it helps, I’ve had less trouble on the official viewer than third party ones, but the inventory servers are still being all kinds of crazy. I hope the show goes/went well!

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