Some random thoughts:

Random thought the first:
Does a HUD-based easter-egg hunt in 11 of the laggiest sims that ever lagged lagfully seem like it could be a really bad idea?  I hope it isn’t: I hope that it works better than it looks on ‘paper’, to tell the truth!  If I’m obviously mistaken in your opinion, or you want to know more, you can find out more at the Fantasy Faire’s wordpress blog! I’m unlikely to participate myself: RL has gotten into crunch time, and hunts eat a lot of time.  But I don’t doubt, based on what I’ve seen of the sims, that the goodies are going to be pretty high-quality.

Random thought the second:
I’m always fascinated by the boundaries people draw between RL and SL. The ‘RIGIDLY SEPARATE NEVER LET THEM TOUCH’ thing that some people do seems folly, as you are the fish who swims in both of these rivers, and you’re bound to carry at least some water from one to the other, under your scales.  However, I can also understand the difference between ‘I have a cat RLwise’ and ‘here’s my home address RLwise’.  I wouldn’t want the Insane Clown Posse fetishist I met on the intertubes to turn up at my doorstep at 5 in the evening wearing nothing but makeup, a thin layer of Vaseline, and a horrifying grin.
At the same time, though, I am sometimes rendered uncomfortable just watching people put out enough data on the internet to make it uncomfortably easy for me to know who they are.  If I know you’re a first-generation Malaysian-American who lives in Akron OH, and you tell me your father’s a chiropractor who just had a heart attack? Probably 20 minutes’ work would tell me your given name (or at least narrow it down to the names of you and your siblings).  No, this isn’t being a creepy stalker, this is just knowing how to research stuff.  So yeah, never been one for ‘share everything and always’ either.

Random thought the third:
I can’t understand adopting something new just because it’s new.  If someone came up with an awesome HUD-controlled series of animations that handled your avatar looking green around the gills, fainting, puking, running a fever, would you want it?  Would you run it all the time?  Would you expect your friends would run it?
What if someone came up with a CRAPPY HUD-controlled series of animations that handled setting it up so your avatar looked ill?  Ill in the ‘cartoon-birds-swirling-around-your-head thermometer-popping-from-too-much-heat’ sense? But badly synched up, jerky, and so on? Would you expect people to use that?  …actually, the tweeting birds thing sounds like it might be kind of fun and is something I should throw at Pandora Wrigglesworth
So why, anyway, do we see ourselves and our friends embracing trends of attire or Hip DIYsplasia (again, hip DIYsplasia is the deliberate malformation of your pelvis, or the deliberate transforming of your mouth into something only a carp’s mother could love, or making a point of wearing something from the ‘he only done hit me ’cause I dropped one of the glasses ’cause I’m so clumsy’ school of make-up tattoo)?  Personally, I like it when an avatar’s face is photographed from enough distance so as not to turn into Sam Lowry’s mom from the movie Brazil, when she’s getting her face er… stretched.

Faces are a doddle compared to tits and ass. No hairline.

Faces are a doddle compared to tits and ass. No hairline.

(image borrowed from this website, which is a nice overview of the film).

I’ve actually seen a very attractive avatar turned into a nightmare chamber-of-horrors creature by bad camera work.  why do we do this to ourselves? Or to others?  I don’t need a camera angle that shows you what the inside of my nostrils looks like in SL.  It’s weird up there!
You just checked, didn’t you.

Thought the fourth: As awesome a tool for making friends and broadening your social interaction SL can be, I find it… amazing when people go on using it to perpetuate the same sorts of drama that we were all familiar with in high school.  C’mon, kids, pull on your big-boy pants and just forgive and forget the bullshit.  When you get older, you’re going to find yourself thinking ‘you know, I hated him in 2008 for disparaging my roleplay as Countess Twaddlewaffle of Odd Bodkins-upon-Slothrop, but now… he and I are the only people who remember how crazy fun all of that got.  I’ve lost track of everybody else’.
Give yourself and your cherished, closely-held enemies a break. Forgive them, and get on with your life: it’s amazing what a difference it makes in your day to day to not be sitting there festering in your wrath.

So hmmm, only one new thing there, and it isn’t terribly new, really, if Siddhartha and Yeshua ben Yosef both said it.  Ah well, I will have to keep looking for someone who knows how to do mesh modelling and talk with him or her about my ideas for dropped-crotch pants that don’t look like ‘dropped-crotch’ is shorthand for ‘I dropped a dookie in my jeans and they’re puffing out the crotch something wicked’.

2 thoughts on “Some random thoughts:

  1. Re: random thought the second
    I absolutely loathe the Facebook ethos and can’t understand for the life of me why people would want everything about themselves emblazoned on virtual stone for the vox pop to slobber over. The less information, the better. If I want some public exposure, then all I have to do is to try and claim a UK benefit from our dear ole government – one that I am actually entitled to claim you understand. Those bastards really are the proverbial Big Brother and they like to know my income down to the last penny. They require full access to my bank accounts and medical records in order to check that I am not a liar. As far as they are concerned everyone is a liar until proved otherwise. And after all that, they still want me to be examined by one of their assessors as if my doctor’s word is not good enough, well he’s a con artist too. That’s what I call Political Facebook, it stinks and it wants the Unions to face it down… however Maggie made sure she filed their claws back in the 80s, more’s the pity. We need a revolution here. Unfortunately all the soldiers are writing up their latest escapades on Facebook, tweeting to the nines and dealing with the latest war game… blogging and SLing *laughs his head off* My grandfather (a staunch Union man and would be Tolpuddle martyr if he’d lived back then) is presently turning in his grave.

    • See, there are some things I don’t mind people finding out easily, and some things I do. What you’re outlining above with the scary surveillance / infowar state the UK’s been working towards is way outside of my comfort zone, simply because I want to know where that data about me goes if someone is collecting it. Simple enough, I should think… And I’d like to know there are penalties attached to the misuse of it. Somehow I have little difficulty imagining Maggie having sold all that data off under the guise of ‘privatization’.
      That woman, bah. Hell, US politics isn’t much different, truth be told: Obama’s considerably more of a conservative than Reagan was, by the lights of the right wing today. Not because the country’s become conservative, but because the powers-that-be (and more importantly, the powers-that-have-money) want things more conservative.

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