When You Wish Upon a Star…

So I’ve been meaning and meaning and MEANING to get around to blogging about the cool thing I got introduced to by Marianne McCann, the Robin (Sojourner) Wood “Star Light” gachas.  L$50 a pop, and you have 14 different ones that you might get. The awesome thing about it is that the rares are not TERRIBLY rare, and even the commons are pretty!


They’re mesh, so they’re a stunning 1 land impact each.  Also, they come with a fairly short twisty cord that is part of the mesh… but if you need a longer cord, Robin was good enough to tuck a notecard into the object which tells you all about the various things you can set and also walks you through creating a longer cord for them!  If you like my cord and fixture set up, feel free to ping me inworld, I can toss you a copy of them to save you a couple of the steps Robin talks you through.

You can set them up to just go to full bright instead of turning on, too, if (like me) it seemed like a good idea to you to hang 7 of them all in a bunch.  There’re several brightness settings for the lamps, too, and you can also tell them to attune to estate time as far as their fullbright or illumination goes.


Since I was finally able to go home and get some proper close-ups of some of these, a few more photos.  This one’s named Star Light – Icy Vines:

Star Light - Icy Vines

and here’s the Star Light – Asian Flowers:

Star Light - Asian Flowers

Notice how they have completely different cutout patterns in them?  There was clearly a lot of thought put into these suckers!

Last, here’s my personal favorite, the Starfield RARE.

Star Light - Starfield RARE

You can get them at Robin (Sojourner) Wood’s shop, for L$50, by clicking on this SLURL right here.

2 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon a Star…

    • Glad to entertain! I do try to keep things light and amusing, in general: why get all Heavy and Serious about SL? It’s more fun for everybody when I keep it light, I find. And when I DO go all aggro, I try to poke fun at myself.
      There will be a few photos in the near future of some womenswear stuff, once I track down some slurls and do some cropping. 🙂

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