April in Paris, who can I run to


So last night, with grouchy meh on my mind, I decided to do a bit of browsing around to see if anything people had photos of reminded me of things I wanted to take photos of.  And as luck would have it, Paradox Messmer’s photo of him in a band jacket at the Graumann’s Theater build from the Event: Hollywood reminded me that I’d kind of wanted to investigate the jacket from Strip’d that he was wearing. Were there other colors than stop-sign red? Would I want to wear them?
The answer is, obviously, yes.

So let’s look a little closer at this puppy.  First things first; the blue T-shirt comes with the jacket, and is tintable, so you can use that to help co-ordinate a look with say, the blue-and-green tartan pants you are wearing.

The back of it hasn’t been skimped on by the designer, too: nice even texture work back here! Image

Here’s the front again, a bit closer up, so you can look at the detail work on the frogs.  While they’re not sculpts / mesh and are simply textures on the mesh, I still think Valentine Rexen has done a nice job with them!


Another nice thing that I didn’t realize at first was that if I can tint the t-shirt ‘face’ of the mesh, I can also render its transparency separately from other faces. The jacket even comes with an alpha for wearing the jacket with the T-shirt set to full transparency!


Strip’d don’t have an inworld shop at present, but that’s OK, because you can still find them on Marketplace!

Hair: Dura “*Dura-Boy*43(Black)” (from Menswear fashion week, I’m sure it’s in the Dura store now, though)
Skin: LOGO “Eternity Tristan Skin Clean Shaven Bk”
Jacket and Shirt: [strip’d] “Finn Jacket [Green]” (Shirt face of the mesh object is tintable, so I went for something to match the pants.  Also please note: Marketplace store, not SLURL!)
Shoes: [monso] “My Studded Oxford” (from FaMESHed, I bet they’re in the store now, though)
Shape: my own work
Necklace: Exquisite Jewelery “Mr. Black Gothic Necklace”
Pants: Reila “Tartan Trousers 4”

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