Random Photos

Some leftover dribs and drabs from here and there in SL: I’ve blogged most of these locations already.


Though I hadn’t blogged this one. I’ve forgotten the model’s name already, pathetically enough: ByrneDarkly Cazalet will likely be able to fill in the blank.

This post is in part because I am grouchy that today’s new thing was Linden Lab eating about $L1200 worth of hair. Damn it.


Another photo of The Arcade, which I didn’t like as much as the others. But it’s a fine picture all by itself.


Another pic from the Forest of Scissors installaton.


And another…


A shot of Paradox Messmer from the MWFW runway show for Vengeful Threads…


SUDDEN LLAMA at Mad Hattery.  Just kind of wandered into the scene without warning.


Looking into my skybox with the star lights all installed.


One thought on “Random Photos

  1. Silver lining: Wasabi Pill, in addition to doing fabulous rigged-mesh long hair for men, also does fantastic customer service. Less than 12 hours after I noticed SL had eaten my Wasabi Pill hair, the owner of the shop had answered my offline asking if she’d be willing to redeliver the hairs I’d lost and what she’d need to be able to do that with all three tossed at me and a cheerful ‘here you go! Let me know if there are others that didn’t turn up in our transaction history’.
    Awesome customer service, and a guarantee that I will buy more things there! 😉

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