Sometimes, Things Just Mesh.

Bonus post!

So yesterday, all my mesh hair from Wasabi Pill got eaten by Linden Lab’s ‘network’ of inventory ‘servers’.  I emailed the staff at the shop to ask if they might have a redelivery terminal as everything had evaporated, and the owner was kind enough to just throw me everything I’d already bought!  This was awesome, so I figured one of my favorite hairs of theirs deserved a place in the sun.
And in the process of trying to decide where to go seek that place in the sun, I found myself looking at Ziki Questi’s blog again, and drooling over the gorgeous sim that she’d linked.  So there we go, I’ll go there. Image

While this is supposed to remind one of northern Baja California, it reminded me, frankly, of Alta California coastlines (that is, the USA’s part of what was called California).  I was pleased with this photo!  And with the sleeker look with the Zach hair from Wasabi Pill and the FATEwear shirt and pants!   Maybe… there is more FATEwear I want???

So I went to check on that.


I did not find more FATEwear that I needed to wear, as fate would have it.  But I did find myself wondering what I could pull off with the really gorgeous landing point Damien has set up for his guests, and I was… pretty pleased indeed.

Sometimes, things just Mesh.

Hair: Wasabi Pill ‘Zach Hair – Night Shadow’
Shape: my own creation
Eyes: FATEeyes
Shirt: FATEwear ‘Shirt – Drake – Winterforest’
Pants: FATEwear ‘Pants – Eddie – Void’
Shoes: Kalnin’s ‘Crossyard’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternal – Tristan – Bald Shaved Bk’

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