Oh look, inventory server issues

To quote from themselves the Lindens:
[Posted 9:38am PDT, 20 April 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled server maintenance.  During this time, some residents may experience issues rezzing, derezzing, changing clothing, or loading inventory. This maintenance may also disrupt transactions and logins. Please refrain from transacting with L$ or rezzing valuable (no-copy) items until this issue is resolved.

I am currently unable to rezz anything at all, an 11th of my inventory is missing, and I’m an orange cloud. In about 1/2 hour, the Shiki show at MensWear Fashion Week is SUPPOSED to kick off, but well.  I’ve been joking around with friends about how badly THAT would go: “The handsome orange puffball before you is Nath Pevensey, who is wearing Shiki’s ‘Orange Puffball’ top with the matching trousers…”

Menswear Fashion week (MWFW)

There may be more posts about MWFW here, but this one is at least the first.  I saw pictures of this suit on a couple of people I know before the event kicked off, and figured I absolutely had to have it.  As soon as I could get into the sim whammo, let’s do some shopping.
It was a bit more than I had on me, but a friend (Ahn) was kind enough to just grab the damn thing for me. Woah.

So here it is, the Vengeful Threads ‘Dia de los Muertos’ suit, photographed at New Trails. Continue reading

A Strawberry Singh meme on Names

Ok, the ‘5 Flickr pet peeves’ one may have been Strawberry’s (I’m not sure, I got it 17th-hand or something), this one I definitely got straight from the aggregate accessory fruit’s mouth.

  1. What’s your SL name? Nathaniel Pevensey
  2. What made you choose this name? I was looking at the last names available, and decided that Pevensey seemed up my alley, and then wound up picking a properly Anglo first name to go with a surname that was so Anglo.
  3. What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) ‘Nath’, sometimes ‘Pevensey’ (and very occasionally ‘Pervensey’).
  4. What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) I’m ‘Nath Pevensey’ in display name. I chose to have one for two reasons. A: ‘Nathaniel’ is a lot to type, and B: some years back I started hanging around at a club in SL where there already was a Nathaniel among the regulars.  After a little uncertainty as to who should be called what by whom for how many cookies, we realized everybody shortened his name to ‘Nat’, while my prior-to-the-club friends called me ‘Nath’, so… it was an easy quick way to make his name and my name different things. 🙂
  5. Do you like your SL name? Yeah, pretty satisfied with it. I do kind of wish I’d done a test drive, as I’m quite sure I would’ve preferred an amusing or clever name, but a ‘normal’ name actually makes me stand out a bit in SL, I find.
  6. If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Oh gosh.  I wouldn’t mind the ‘Drinkwater’ surname, as I know which book about imagined/virtual realities that one’s a reference to and am a particularly huge fan of it.
  7. What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen?  AI used to collect amusing names back in the day, just giggle myself silly at them.  ‘Analbead String’ is one I used to see occasionally and giggle at, though ‘Eponymous Trenchmouth’ always gets a grin out of me too (and not just because of the awesome shoes).
  8. What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? This is a tricky one. I really like ‘Unearth Graves’ a lot, though of the folks I see regularly I think ‘Getme Somme’ (we all call him ‘Getty’) wins.

And as a bonus, here’s a photo outtaken from a visit to a RP sim that is Not Harry Potter Related At All.


Styling on photo:
I don’t remember whose hair that was (though it looks like high odds that it’s a Dura group-gift from a while back that I was wearing earlier the day I took the photo).  Pants are ‘Tartan 4’ referenced in a prior post of mine (‘You Are the King of the Divan’), jacket is the L&B ‘Classic’ biker jacket referenced in a prior post of mine (one that bears the coat’s name), skin is Ispachi’s gabriel – creme – shaved (seriously, there’s one photo on here that is not of me in this skin, in over 2 months), eyes are FATEeyes, shoes are Pornstars hi-tops (available from vendors in 9,999 sims around the grid), and I made the shape myself.
The location I forget offhand, but I did link to it on my flickr account.

Things I Should Have Blogged About Already

So! A jacket and a pair of pants that come with boots, which have been sitting in my inventory for a while, finally get their moment in the spotlight.

here we have the Rosenwolf “Rosenwolf Mesh Men’s Leather Coat (M) – Multicolor”, which is pretty damned awesome.  The designer has given you 6 different colors of leather to wear, and 10 (or is it 12?) colors of sweater to wear with it.  It comes in 5 essentially standard sizes.  I decided I’d wear it with the Gabriel “MESH Boots in Pants (Paisley)” which I picked up at The Event: Hollywood.  I’m sure they’re in the Gabriel store by now, and probably have been for some time.  Yes, the boots come with the pants.  Yes, so does the underwear.rosenwolf and gabriel 1

The two work nicely together on a black-and-white palate, and so I added in the Mr.Poet ‘Wide Scarf’, which is a group gift, and as it’s got a color menu, I tinted it white.

Three simple pieces, one act no chaser.  And that’s what’s new today!


Jacket & sweater: Rosenwolf “Rosenwolf Mesh Men’s Leather Coat (M) – Multicolor”
Pants & boots: Gabriel “::GB:: MESH Boots in Pants (Paisley”
Piercings: CoLLisions “.:CoLL:. Unheimlich Ear Gauge + Loops ~ Left” and “.:CoLL:. Unheimlich Ear Gauge ~ Right”
Skin: Ispachi “Gabriel – creme – shaved”
Eyes: FATEeyes
Hair: Burley “Sofian_Black03”
Scarf: Mr.Poet “::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf”
Shape: Made it myself, sorry!
Pose: *PosESioN* “Fashion life 6”

Uhm woah.

I’ve always been a fan of RL space exploration. This? Damned cool.

“As of February 1, 2011, there were 91 transiting exoplanets in the catalog maintained by exoplanets.org, 11 of which are in the area of the sky observed by Kepler (red). In June 2010, the team released 312 new transiting planet candidates (blue). Today [February 2], our total count is a staggering 1,235 potential new worlds (yellow), 18 of which are confirmed planets. We compute the total (planets+Kepler Candidates) as 91 – 11 + 1235 = 1315. Arithmetic aside, this is A LOT!”
So, that’s something new.  We’ve identified 18 planets in orbit around other stars, and have a sneaking suspicion there’s another 1297 or so out there.
And you thought science was stupid. 🙂


A bit of signal-boosting

So while I am not on the inside track on this one at all, I do feel that for those of you who love new things in Second Life, Menswear Fashion Week is coming up.  I’ve been hearing about cool things to come from various friends, and one of them has been so kind as to document what he’s been seeing over on his blog.  That’d be Paradox Messmer, who is shown at this link wearing a suit that makes me think I might have to chloroform him and strip it from his unconscious body.

There are other things he’s blogged about that are going to be at MWFW too- and I imagine more will be coming down the pipe.  So hey, have a peek at Fashion Frankenstein and see what 20,000 volts of electricity can do for YOUR men’s wardrobe!

EDIT 4/19: In addition to Dox’s great photos, Nigel Riel, over at Trials of Eyeliner, has also been detailing his finds from MWFW today: you should check those out, too, if you’re curious what the offerings are (and if, like me, you hate TPing into the middle of a Lag Fair and trying to do anything but stand there going ‘hurrrrrr’ as you wait 9 million years for everything to rez in).

You Are the King of the Divan!

So I got to FaMESHed and found these shoes, at the recommendation of one Paradox Messmer.  This man is a bad influence, people.  and his blog Fashion Frankenstein just keeps bringing the hits!

So yeah, these are the new shoes: My Studded Oxfords, from [monso]: aren’t they cute? Image

They weren’t kidding when they named these suckers, were they.   They inspired some admiration from me, so here’s another angle: Image

And after a long span just enjoying the shoe porn, I decided I should put on some clothes.  So I got out my plaid pants and my suspenders,Image

and then slipped into a Tshirt and a biker jacket and some jewelery- piercings and necklace and bracelet.


It was time to rock out!  And I was just about to start rocking out when someone IMed me out of the blue to ask if I’d ever heard of a shop named ionic.  Why no,  says I.  No, I have not heard of them.  So off I went to browse, and found… the perfect T-shirt. Mesh. Punk rock as all heck. Woo hoo!


Which I proceeded to rock out in.

The jewelry probably deserves a closer look: I had no idea I had such a variety of facial piercings!  Here’s the left ear:


And here is the right.


Ca plane pour moi, indeed.

Skin: Ispachi “Gabriel – Creme – Shaved”
Eyes: FATEeyes
Shape: my own creation.
Hair: Truth “Damien”
Shoes: monso “My Studded Oxford”
Pants: Reila “Tartan4”
Suspenders: Pekas “Urban Rikko Suspenders”
Shirt #1: [np] “Octopus Tee”
Shirt #2: Ionic “indie tee -flipper-”
bracelet and necklaces: Chop Zuey, “The Final Judgement”
Jacket: +grasp+ “Leather biker jacket 2012 /Navy/mens”
Aidoru: AIDORU Osiris earring L (touch me)”
.:CoLL:. “Unheimlich Ear Loops + Chain ~ Left”

*~*Illusions*~* “*~*Safety Pin Earrings Rt”

PoseSion: “Simple Woman 4”
Diesel Works: “Natya 5”

Why I Like New Things in SL, or, 5 Flickr Pet Peeves, or, 5 Old Shitty Things I’m Sick Of

This was supposed to be a flickr comment.  It got pretty long and I was frankly having too much fun offloading all the spleen, so I decided ‘screw it!’ and brought it over here.
People may be guessing there is going to be some rude language: people may well be right.  Did you know that there have been studies suggesting that people who swear a lot are typically much more honest?
Interesting, no?

Before the horror, here’s why I like new things in SL.  We keep getting better at stuff!  I just got this photo at The Mad Hattery.  Saraid Dalglish made the hat on the left in 2009, and revisited in 2013.  Dig how different they look.

mad hatter

Quite a difference, no?  very like one another and yet… wow, so much better the new one looks. You could get this hat at her store, now until this coming Friday.  During that period, the one on the left is a mere L$25!  The one on the right is a mere L$50!!! And the one on the left goes away on Friday, while the one on the rightgoes up to a more normal price for the shop.  And now, on to the bitchcraft!
Continue reading

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (contents probably NOT worksafe: read with this in mind)

So… I found this remarkable knock-off of a chair by an Italian designer RL: a chair that sells for thousands of dollars, so I’m never going to own it. But it’s an amazing chair.
I thought I should do some photography with it, and my imagination ran away with me. That or a Giorgio Armani ad did.


There are more photos of this remarkable chair after the ‘read more’. Also, a warning: there is less clothing. Some might say none, in fact. They would also be correct. Obviously, it would be gauche to take you by surprise with a less-than-attired avatar, so it only seemed fitting to warn you before we carried on.

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