Not JUST New…

…but new and free!

The Menstuff group (full disclosure: I’m one of the moderators of this group) has a habit of keeping gifts that the various designers who participate in the hunt and the community offer for free to members, in the Menstuff lounge.  This can get confusing, as it’s also the Womenstuff lounge, and the Homestuff lounge.

This post is just about the Menstuff outfits I put together, as I was rather tickled with them both.  There will likely be another post about the Homestuff gifts later.


ImageFirst we have the fantastic “Anatomy Cardigan” from SCS Designs.  Browsing through the gifts, this one really struck my eye.  The ruby/crimson red and the grey are a nice color combination together, and it was only on closer examination that I realized why it was the ‘Anatomy Cardigan’:


So yeah, that’s a human heart embossed on the woven fabric.  No wonder it looks sort of bloody!

The pants and the shoes are both from Shadow Moon’s gift to the group.  I loved the grey-tan of the sneakers, and the pants had a nice heavy impact as a piece without overpowering, or demanding center stage.   So I felt, naturally, that I should let their lovely crumply look speak for itself.

And for L$0, you really can’t go too wrong with something this sharp, can ya?

I wanted to see if I could come up with something else, and apparently got mugged by an old Benetton ad:


The sunflower prop comes from the same source as the board shorts, Rispetto Designs, their ‘Breeza Spring MESH Shorts”.  The top, however, is an interesting thing.  It’s not black: it’s actually dark dark dark dark DARK forest green.


You can JUST make out the buttons on the pea coat, right?  It’s subtle.  I like it.

While less subtle, no less lovely are the Breeza shorts from Rispetto.  Let’s get a closer look so I can show you one of my favorite things about these guys.


Notice how they’re mesh? Notice how they’re a bit baggy? Notice how my avatar does not look like he either just had an unfortunate accident or is wearing adult diapers in case he does have an unfortunate accident?

Love these things.

I figured I would take one or two more silly shots of me in whichever outfit really flipped up my skirt (so to speak: I’ll model a skirt some other time), so I bring you the Where the Wild Things Sit chair.
I’ve been waiting to use this prop. 🙂


So what’s new is mostly for the guys today, I’m afraid!  but the chair’s out there in SL and available in… a dozen colors, I think! So go hunt it up!

Stylecard (items noted with an asterisk (*) were NOT Menstuff gifts. All other items were free at the Menstuff lounge!):
BOTH LOOKS: * Skin: LOGO “Tristan – shaved Bk”
* Hair: Wasabi Pill “Zack”
Shape: Maverick Designs, “Parole”
Shoes: ~Shadow Moon~ “MESH Tan Hi-Top Sneakers”
* Tattoo: Lapointe & Bastchild “Dragon God”

Sweater: SCS Designs “Anatomy Cardigan” (Free at the MENstuff lounge)
Jeans: ~Shadow Moon~ “Mesh Male Blue Jeans”
Bracelet: AIDORU “caution his bracelet 10gbf nt”
Pose: Diesel Works “Dante”

Shorts: Rispetto Designs “Breeza Spring MESH Shorts”
Top: JLF Men’s Wear “Pea Coat Forrest green”
Pose: Diesel Works “Dante” in first photo
* Prop in 2nd Photo: Hopscotch/Olive “Where the Wild Things Sit: Chandni Green”


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