Stuff From Homestuff’s Lounge Gifts!

So there is one drawback to living in a skybox: I don’t have a handy garden plot to drop landscaping goods on.  I’ve used my skybox in past to just have an indoor garden, but somehow that seems too surreal with my current skybox state, so years’ worth of gardening collecting have gone completely to waste of late, with my inventory chock full of items that I never even bother rezzing anymore.

In addition to being a kitsch junkie, I also enjoy playing with gardening.  One of the few projects I’ve pursued from start to finish was doing my own koi pond and waterfall, in my first year inworld.  That went… presentably well, I suppose.
So when Ivy added the Homestuff group to the Menstuff/Womenstuff family of hunts and groups (should I just start calling the collective Stuffstuff?), I was pleased as punch.  As I noted in my prior post, most of what was in there of any interest to people who are of the feminine gender in SL was a single chair, and I promised my next post would cure that imbalance some. So here we go, some baubles and bits for around the house and garden! There were several pleasing things in the Homestuff gift offerings this time.  I especially liked how these two pieces played together:


While I couldn’t get the level of crispness out of the armoire that I wanted, I was still pleased with the colors and the warmth of it.  The copper tree artwork, however, just stunned me with the level of detail built into it.  I’ll likely keep that one up.


The wall art here (the green brace in the corner) was from a gacha at Wall Candy, which I encountered on a hunt.  It’s tintable, so I could make it whatever color I wanted: I just stuck with the green that it was originally set at, for this photo.  The Ivy Planter below that little piece of wall sticker art is the item from Homestuff: I liked the rustic feel of the piece.  Even if it looks a little out of place in my skybox, it’s still a thing worth having and showing off.


Here’s the crabapple tree and  butterflies and flowers that The Dirty Hoe crated up for us to have in our gardens (or hey, in our livingrooms, why not?).  It’s all one linked piece, and the textures on it are nice and rich.  I may have to figure out putting a roof garden on the skybox…

One last photo, then, as I got another wall sticker from Wall Candy that I just adored.  AND!  ADDITIONALLY!  WHAT’S MORE! they have a dumpster in their shop, sitting there stuffed with garbage, some of which says ‘sit here’.  If you sit on it, your avatar will go dumpster diving, and you’ll come away with something free.  And the sticker in this picture, which is named ‘They’re Watching’, I would’ve gladly paid for.  Right exactly what I wanted, exactly where and how I wanted it.


So there’s some goodies from Homestuff!  Run on down to the Lounge and get you a little shopping on!

Sources! Note, anything below that’s preceded with an asterisk was free, and anything preceded with two asterisks was from the Homestuff lounge gifts.

Photo 1:
** Armoire: Maison “Armadio Cinese in legno laccato”
** Copper Tree artwork: Stonewood Homes, “Copper Tree Wall Art”

Photo 2:
Wall art (green bracket): Wall Candy “Corner Flourish v2” (gacha gift @ Wall Candy’s store)
** Ivy planter: P&T “Garden Ivy Planter”

Photo 3:
** Tree, flowers, and butterflies: The Dirty Hoe “Flower patch w. Butterflies”

Photo 4:
* Wall sticker (the ravens): Wall Candy – “They’re Watching” (freebie from the dumpster dive)
* Chairs: Trompe L’Oeil “NYC66 Chair HOMEstuff Hunt Exclusive Version” (from a Homestuff hunt)
Stack of Books: RELIC “”Biblio” –  Floor Stack of old tomes”
Paper Deer Head: Commoner “Origami Deer Head (Lorem Ipsum) Rare” (Gacha item from The Arcade, last year)
Star Lights: Trompe Loeil “Star Duo Ground Lamps Gold & Green”
Nath’s outfit and skin and general Nathness: detailed in the prior post on this very blog!


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