GlamDammit! Siegfried Tux

So in other belated posts, here’s a tuxedo that GlamDammit! got out for Menswear Fashion Week which I am only now getting around to blogging.  I am lazy, and never do anything with this blog, I know.  *wink*


As I’ve mentioned before, I admire GlamDammit!’s work with textures of animal prints, and this tuxedo (and the companion open-chested button-up shirt, named Roy) is no exception.
And we all knew the octopus chair would make a return didn’t we?  I just felt like the suit is such a nice black-and-white balance that I should, myself, try to keep things black and white.


The lapels are grey, the body of the suit’s tiger-striped, but there’s other little details you might miss, so let me zoom in on them… Image

The tie and cummerbund are both spangled with a pattern of sequins, glittering as an accent, and the cuffs, well the cuffs… Image

the trouser cuffs fade into a dim tiger stripe pattern as well, carrying the flash of the jacket downwards, and the wrists have an appealing little bit of jewelery instead of simple buttons:


And of course, the sequins appear on the body of the jacket- something surprisingly easy to miss, really.  But here it is up close and personal!


Flashy glam accessories and clothes abound at their shop – if you like the look of the above, you should head there now!  Additionally, Moz from GlamDammit! has his blog here, and there’s an official GlamDammit! blog here.

Skin: LOGO “Eternity Tristan Skin – Desert – Clean Shaven Bald Bl”
Hair: LoQ “Malibu – White”
Hairbase: LoQ “Hairbase – White”
Makeup: “A:S:S – Glam-rock-glitter – silver”
Tuxedo: GlamDammit! “Siegfried Tux”
Shoes: Monso “My Studded Loafers”
Chair: Bauwerk “Beyond The Sea – Black”
POSES: (this is in all caps because there are several)  All the poses come from Diesel Works, save for two.
First pic: Pose is in the chair, see above
Second pic: Diesel Works “Morgan 2” (or was it “Morgan 5”? I really can’t recall)
Third: Diesel Works “Natya 7”
Fourth: Oracul ‘Intelligent’ AO (just caught a good pose in the midst of my avatar shuffling around)
Fifth: Diesel Works “Natya” pose set — I cannot recall the pose number in the set.
Sixth: Diesel Works “Natya” pose set: again, I do not remember which one I used.


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