On Things Japanese (with a few haiku, via Strawberry!)

As you may have noticed from a recent post, I like Japan.  I like the culture, I like the look of the country, I like the architecture, I like the food, I lke the clothing.  This holds true in Second Life, as well: there’s some remarkable things being done by Japanese creators inworld, creators that many of us probably never even heard of.
I feel a little retrospective, today. Someone I know had his rezday today, and it got me to thinking about the fact my fifth is coming up.  Which got me to thinking about where I’ve been, where I’m going… and also thinking about what I was doing just at that moment!

First something new. Here’s a Joy Division T-shirt from “Ionic”: I really do like their mesh men’s tees, and hope they keep cranking out ones that I like!  Found this one two-for-one at The Chapter Four’s current batch of inworld sales, and then went back to Kiyomizu (see earlier post) for a photo of it, as I’m still in that frame of mind… and because Strawberry Singh’s blogger challenge this week is:
Have people sum up their SL lives in a single haiku.

I’ve always liked haiku and senryu (for those of you who don’t know, a haiku and a senryu are identical, save that a haiku includes an image from the natural world. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then a final 5 are the structure for both.  In Japanese, all 3 lines are composed to rhyme, but rhyming is far easier in Japanese!)

First haiku, then:
Flow of fresh water
dammed: a boulder blocks the stream.
DNS not found.

I find that there are a LOT of times lately where SL involves me being told that there is no DNS server.  So, that was the first place my literary pretentions went.

In the midst of playing around with haiku since Sunday, I got introduced to another thing very Japanese.  For those who’ve been playing at home over these past three months, you’ve probably noticed I have been kind of crazy about gachas.  Someone pointed me at a riiculous gacha-mart, named ‘GachaYa’, which is A) full of no fewer than seventy-five gacha machines, B) full of gacha machines that only charge L$1, and C) has some stuff in it that would seem cheap for a hundred times the price.

So… a little bit of shopping happened before I headed home.  I’d sort of psyched myself into viewing this as a vacation to Tokyo and Kyoto, so this was my visit to Harajuku and blowing a big wad of cash on strange, unusual, Japanese things.
So what all did I get? Well, let’s unpack, shall we?


Aside from the curtains, the floor, the star lamps and the chair, everything here is new. Everything here cost L$1 each. Everything here is also meshy as hell, and most of it’s under 2 LI individually.
Scary, isn’t it? I remember when you had to be a prim grinch, back in the day: you’d pull the furniture out when friends were coming over and otherwise you’d leave it tucked away because of how much of your prim allotment it ate up.

In the midst of shopping for these, a woman came in with her avatar physics how shall I put it… severely overclocked. Which brought my first senryu about Second Life!
Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.
Bouncey boing boing, bouncey, boing.
Ditch the damned tangos.


This is a traditional lamp from a street vendor’s stall, advertising that the stall is selling okonomiyaki (that means ‘Japanese savory crepes’).  I’ve always liked these lamps: a simple, elegant way to do lighted signs which pre-dates the presence of electricity in Japan.   They have a variety of these in a gacha of the same name at GachaYa, for yep – L$1 each.


If I were a property owner in RL, there would be a koi pond in my garden. I just find koi peaceful, calming.  And pretty, too!  So the GachaYa designer, Yuji777 Resident, has supplied us with koi joy.  And aquariums. And aquarium rocks and props and plants.  All of these things for L$1 each.
No, seriously.
L$1 each.

The fish are resizeable via an edit menu (on which you have to click ‘close’ when you’re done, not simple ignore): you can size them down to 10% of their original size… or up to 1000%. Image

I named this one Spiny Norman.
However, I mostly sized mine down, and put them in a fish tank in the livingroom.

ImageOnce again: all of these puppies are one prim, and they’re three-dimensional.  They swim like actual fish do, moving side to side, not simply sitting there statically.  They have width, length, and height.
One Land Impact each.

I do hope none of them go missing, as I know the senryu that all too often expresses the experience of Second Life for all of us:
Inventory loads,
and loads, and loads, and loads, but–
that item is gone.

So what else has one LI each? Well, how about this stack of teacups and this teapot?  Or the inexplicable animals made of a cucumber and a bell pepper? Image

Or the gift-wrapped present, or the teapot, (which comes with an animation for holding it) or the lucky cat? Or the watering can? Or the what-the-hell-is-that eyeball in an ashtray? Or the purple rose? Or the cabinet they’re all sitting on??


Here’s the hamaya I bought at the NEKOMA shrine adjacent to Kiyomisu-dera on the Little Cat Greeneyes sim.  In addition to the hold-it-and-pose variety, you also get a park-it-in-your-home copy, with varying textures for the little plaque of paulownia wood that hangs from the fletching.  All for L$5!!

And then, of course, there was the item I found at GachaYa that I had to have.  Because how much more meta could it get, on me reflecting on the past, than this:


1 LI. 1 Linden buck.  And 15 memories.
I have every profile picture I have ever sported up there- including the one that Nigel Riel did of me my first day inworld (all the way on the right, middle row), along with pictures of both of the bats I used to have on the parcel I leased, and the house I used to live in, and a few random other photos of me.
Quite a bit of change, over the years!

One last haiku, then!

Cherry blossoms fall,
white-pink blizzard surrounds us.
Log out, Spring is here!

All new furniture items are from GachaYa. And they all cost L$1.  And they are all very low on land impact.
Nath’s shirt is by ionic and everything else has been stylecarded within the last few entries on my blog- skip back a bit and you’ll find it!! 🙂

Special tip of the hat to PalomaSnow Resident, who pointed me at GachaYa!

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