Something ‘New’ That I Am Not In Love With.

I understand the logic.  They move differently, you can shape them as you wish, they have actual texture and shape… but when did prim boobs and asses become such a big thing?

No no. A REALLY big thing.


I mean a GARGANTUAN thing.

These two lovely ladies turned up somewhere I was standing around, and while they were browsing around through the offerings in said shop or whateveritwas (I’ve deliberately photoshopped out any identifying markings), one of them was dancing.
All her prim attachments shifting around like she was wearing a quartet of water balloons 3/4ths full of vaseline.
It was, frankly, unsettling and more than a little disturbing.

Now seriously, look at the photo. Is ANYONE built like that, RL?  you could park a double old-fashioned on that backside, if the lady in question held still long enough. I’m all for modifying your avatar as far as you want to and as much as you want, but… this is an area like furry avatars, for me. I just don’t understand how someone would look at it and think ‘that’s hot’.  Yet these two ladies obviously at least thought of themselves as hot, and presumably got some reinforcement on that front from other folks.

I dunno.  I’d rather have a last tango in Paris than pairs of lastingly jiggly Tangos.


4 thoughts on “Something ‘New’ That I Am Not In Love With.

  1. Ah, this is what I like to call the increasingly common ‘table-butt’ species. They used to be contained in adult sims of a very unsavoury variety but they’re spreading across the grid at an alarming rate.

    Nothing wrong with some Lolas if they’re kept tasteful (or well, as tasteful as huge prim boobies can be, which isn’t all that tasteful at all but hey, I own some so I’m gonna be biased and say that you can work them without looking too terrible) but there’s a limit. Same with big butts and hips – I’ve seen people look really good, but then again there’s people like this that think anything less than 100 on the butt slider is too small.


    • My initial title for this post was ‘Baby Got Back (and a back 40 acres, at that)’. I suppose people just… get so deeply into Their Own Thing that they stop comparing their avatar to real-world models such as the guy at the coffeeshop or the woman who does their hair, RL? Dunno.

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