So I Moved to Paris

I was dragged to Collabor88 the other day, as it was there and being full of interesting stuff. And annoyingly, I found myself unable to resist a new skybox. Just COULD NOT not buy it.  But I think you’ll get an idea why when you see it…


Here’s the ‘entryway’ (that door over on the right does not actually open, it’s just there to give the idea of where the door would be).  Note how there’s a sunken conversation pit? Observe how there’re steps up to the bedroom? But there’s more to it than that, of course.  Isn’t there always?


Yes, it comes with an eat-in kitchen.  the sink and the countertop, the washing machine, all came from GachaYa.  The little round window over the kitchen table opens and closes. Here’s the livingroom shot from the kitchen, where you can see that the loft apartment comes with skylights!


The Bedroom’s off to the right in this photo, and there’s a door leading into the bathroom (which will likely be completely unused, or maybe will become photography-world). Here’s the bedroom with a bed in it:


Something you cannot experience that’s available here is: the skylights, when you click on them, make the clattering noise of rain striking a glass pane.  You can see some of that rain here, though:


Nice little detail work, isn’t it?  There’re also three particle rezzers outside, to produce a rainstorm for you to enjoy from your shallow, shallow, shallow balcony.  You should be able to see some of the raindrops in the foreground, here.

paris loft balcony

So that’s Barnesworth Anubis’ “paris loft”, currently available at Collabor88 for a mere L$288.  You can click here to go to Collabor88 yourself!


4 thoughts on “So I Moved to Paris

  1. That is a great looking sky box, how could I not be interested in buying after your awesome display of it. Going there later on today and getting one for myself. Thanks Nath:)

    • Sure thing, Hope! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am loving it: it’s surprisingly spacious, and I forgot to add that the land impact, at the most meaty iteration (with a surrounding sky and 3 apartment building ‘flats’ across the street), is 70something.

  2. Lovely to see how someone else has decorated their place! I’m seriously toying with buying all new and improved furniture for it as I feel like this skybox is going to be around on my parcel for a looooong time. I’m really loving those wall decals too!

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