A Scion of the Most Serene Republic

Ahh Venice, a gem of brick and mortar, tile roofs and canals, crystalline blue water and marble.  Bustling by day, and by night a medieval maze of walkways and bridges, piazettas and wellheads.

A beautiful beautiful place, and one that perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit.  You should visit- I recommend it highly!  But if it’s outside your travel budget, you have options…


The ‘Scion’ suit from GlamDammit! made me remember the sorts of clothing that I saw in boutique windows in Verona, in Florence, in Venice: almost preternaturally crisp and careful fashion, available off the rack rather than as haute couture.  I felt I needed to find a place that suited that impression of the suit when I photographed it, and some research led me to the sim called Venexia.


Venexia is a beautiful effort at reproducing the actual city of Venice; the textures are lavishly rich, and astonishingly crisp.  The buildings are a marvel of careful construction.  You ought to go explore it if you like beautiful settings in SL!
Now, that said, PLEASE bear in mind: Venexia is a sim created for the express purpose of folks roleplaying in a dark fantasy environment of vampires.  You really must be kind to the roleplayers.  All they really need from you is that you read the rules for us non-roleplaying visitors (which I would call commonsense rules), and pick up an OOC tag from the vendor that’s just to the left of where I’m standing in the first photo and wear it. That way, the RPers will know that you’re not a participant, and as often as not, they’ll also greet you warmly and encourage you to go visit the other RP sims that Venexia’s creator has established.  Everyone was very kind to me, and seemed quite happy that I was there just to enjoy the view!  I have yet to see if any of the other sims this creator has done are as stonkingly gorgeous, but… I really do need to find that out.

Enough about the setting, then!  The Scion suit comes in two iterations on each part: a colored pair of pants and a black one, a suit jacket with a colored chest, and a black or a white shirt with a tie that matches the color chosen as the overall hue.
You can go from that simple black suit, lime tie and white shirt in the first photo to this:

all in one package of mesh clothing! It looks good in a moody gray morning at the docks early on, and in a dramatic evening lighting, and also in daylight…

And now for today’s Tidbit of Knowledge: Venice was the longest-lasting republic in the history of the world, being established in the 7th century and ending in the 18th century with Napoleon’s conquest of the state.  She (Venice is female, there is no question of that!) was known as La Serenissima, or The Most Serene, which is where I snagged the back-half of the title for this post. 🙂

The suit is available at GlamDammit’s shop, in a variety of colors (Red, Sepia, Camel, Lime, Teal, Dusk, and Purple) – and if you click the following, you can visit Venexia. PLEASE be polite and wear an OOC tag when you visit, so as not to befuddle the Enlightenment-era vampires!

Skin: LOGO “Eternity Tristan Skin Clean Shaven Bl”Hair: Dura “*Dura-Boy*37(Sandrift)”
Eyes: FATEwear “FATEeyes”
Shape: My own creation
Suit (both suits): GlamDammit! “Scion Suit in Lime”
Shoes: Mr.Poet “Full Brogue Derby Shoes”  (there will be more on these, later)


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