Thoughts on photoshopped photos of SL

You know, sure, it’s awesome that you can get every little fussy bit just so and thus in Second Life photography with photoshop.  I’ve used it that way myself when (for example) the cuff of a shirt is cutting through my avatar’s thumb due to the pose that I’m using. 

Still, I tend to be more curious about what it Actually Looks Like in SL than I am about how you can dodge and burn and layer and brushstroke and so on.  Sure, you’re a talent photoshop wise, no question there!  But that doesn’t make an outfit that’s composed of porcupine spines that jab through your avatar every time you move any more impressive-looking when I’m in SL.
Dunno.  So anyway, that’s why I tend to NOT photoshop my pics within an inch of their simulated life: I’m sure you would rather see the build I found as I found it, as opposed to painted amazingly and startlingly by me and textured up exquisitely by me. I mean heck, a talented Photoshop artist can take a photograph of a freaking cube with plywood texture and turn it into something interesting to look at.  That doesn’t mean that when you go and look at it, it’ll be anything but a plywood textured cube…

So here, a dose of the surreal, since I feel guilty when I don’t post a photo.  I’ve stylecarded this outfit before. Image

And no, no post-processing was involved in the photographing of this carp.


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