Looking forward

So I started this blog mostly as a way to keep myself from getting crazy with stress over RL matters I am unable to fix in the immediate term.  I thought it might offer me a chance to practice some skills I already had (like, writing), and learn some new ones (like photo manipulation). I certainly didn’t expect that it would wind up being something people actually read, or even looked forward to reading.
I’m honored and flattered that you all want to see what’s new to me, and I really hope you’re enjoying the journey!

Here’s another one from my earlier visit to Venexia for you.  I liked this pose and the composition a lot, but one of the lovely residents of the sim happened by as I was taking the photo, and the train of her dress got caught in frame. Then I crashed and forgot what damned windlight settings I was using… ah well.  Still a pretty picture, and a nice show of the Scion suit from GlamDammit!, so here we are. Image

I hope everybody’s having a fun morning out there, and finding new and interesting things, wherever they’re exploring!  I have no idea what I’ll bring you next, but I promise I’ll do my best to keep things fresh.
(And if you haven’t yet, you REALLY REALLY REALLY owe it to yourself to check out my prior post, and to visit Sandalphon, a newly-opened sim full of one of the most compelling and consistent art installations I’ve seen inworld in a long while.)


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