Today, got my 2300th view… as well as my first pingback from a complete stranger who actually enjoyed my how-to-do-landscape-photography ‘tutorial’ (quotes are because I realize now that it was SUCH a broad overview: I really must do one that’s more in-depth).
So, as I apparently am wise and clever, here’s a picture of Nathaniel Pevensey dressed as an owl shaman.  In the Haida culture, Owl is treated with respect as the guardian and the herald of the spirits of the dead.  Where man fears the dark, Owl flies silent and strong.

This outfit was inspired by the cloak I’m wearing, which I looked at and went ‘it’s beautiful but… what am I ever going to do with it???’ along with thinking of some traditional Northwestern rituals I’ve seen performed RL.



Mask: Trident “Owl Mask [Brown]”
Eyeshadow: A:S:S “Drama Shadow – Olive”
Skin: LOGO “Eternity Tristan Skin – Pale – Clean Shaven Bk’
Eyes: FATEeyes
Pants: Grasp “+grasp+/Leather Pants/01/mens”
Hair: Wasabi Pills “Orion – Ash”
Necklace: Chop Zuey “The Final Judgement Multi Long Necklace”
Feathered Cape: V-Twins “Male Cape black” (part of their ‘Montana (smoke)’ outfit)

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