Let’s put on the retrospectacles…


Something that I do and don’t enjoy is looking backwards.  On the one hand there’s always something awkward I’ve done in the past that my mind just won’t let me let go of and find peace.  On the other hand, there’s always nostalgia, that fond pair of rose-tinted glasses that always make what came before seem to glow with a golden shine, like some sort of well-polished oak furniture or something King Midas touched.

I’ve been having a lot of nostalgia lately, what with my rez day coming up (and hey, it’s even a half-decade since I initially rezzed my avatar).  There are people I haven’t seen inworld in years (and who I do hope are well out there in the real world, though who I think probably gave me a Munchausen by internet story of their RL, which has no actual relationship to their status as say, a 50-something housewife who’s in a loveless marriage to a man she’s started to suspect is gay and who she stays with for the sake of the children (to make up a strangely specific story that actually doesn’t directly relate to anyone I was thinking of)).  It’s weird how one day, someone’s almost part of the furniture, and seemingly the next, they’ve been gone for months or years, and you’re absently wondering whatever happened to them.

There were places that were fond parts of the landscape that are gone now, too.  Shops I used to frequent that have closed down – and I don’t care how many people insist it’s not a detriment, but seriously, shopping via marketplace.secondlife.com is just NOT the same. Especially when shopping for landscaping or home furnishings.


For example, everything behind me in this photo is actually carefully photoshopped plywood, held together with chewing gum and marshmallow cream.  Or is it?
To be less sarcastic: how can you know if the curtains behind me are sculpts that have the back-and-forth curves you’d expect of RL draperies, or if they’re a flat panel, without several other pictures and/or seeing them inworld?

But then I think about what SL is today.  How much, well… better it is now than it was all those years ago. You can have a suit that doesn’t have a ‘skirt’ of prims going on at the waist and yet is not just a layer of paint smeared on your avatar’s shape.  Prim hair was kinda a revelation back then, and now, it’s almost passe, with riggable mesh offering long hair that flexes and shifts as your head turns and tilts.

And while what was an awesome shirt back then is frankly a little pathetic now, the people I knew back then who are around?  Still awesome.  And the people who I’ve met over the years? Also, still awesome.

I dunno, I’m turning 5 in 3 days, this is probably just some sort of mid-Second-Life crisis. But enough about me, let’s try out these retrospectacles, anyway…


These are the from the “Goggles” gacha machine at Tiger Blood’s shop, in the pattern called ‘electric’.  There’s about a dozen different designs: I chose these because I thought the lightning bolts had a certain 70s glam thing going on with them.


These are at Hometownhero Resident’s shop inworld, which is named ‘Tiger Blood’.  The gacha machine’s L$35 per try, and there’s at least a dozen different patterns you might get!  So visit Tiger Blood here!

5 thoughts on “Let’s put on the retrospectacles…

  1. I’ve been searching for some kind of word to describe the ‘I’mreallysickIhavetotakeabreakfromSL” crowd only to find 10 different alts with 20 different prim babies! “Münchausen by Internet”.. thats genius lol.. thanks for the great post 🙂

    • I’d been calling what I’d been seeing (which was ‘Pity me because I have 250 incurable diseases and I’m also handicapped and my medications are off so I’ll sometimes be a jerk to you and you just have to take it, and also, half my family is online and wants to support you for being so nice to me especially when you’re going to go nuts dealing with my bullshit, and when you finally get peevish enough to sit down and seriously analyze header data from all of our emails, you’ll notice that they all came from the same internet protocol address’) Munchausen by proxy server, myself: ‘Munchausen’s syndrome’ is when you’re deliberately making yourself unwell or playing up your illness, in a pathological manner, and Munchausen’s by proxy is when you’re playing up a child or spouse’s illness, which is why I came to ‘proxy server’. However, the psychiatric community seems to have adopted the ‘Munchausen’s by internet’ turn of phrase. 😉
      What you’re describing seems like more of a ‘little white lie’: rather than having the stones to say ‘I’m done with this, g’wan, beat it’ the other party lies about their RL and then gets caught out at the lie. This is an elaborate ruse constructed to reinforce that the acting party is deserving of pity, sympathy, and so forth. The impressive thing about such ruses, to me, is the amount of time they take on the part of the actor.
      Ever seen the movie ‘Catfish’, from a couple years back? A prime example of Munchausen’s by Internet, there.

  2. I can’t help and chuckle at what might be a “mid-Second-Life crisis.” Wonder if that would fly if I used it in my real life? 🙂

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